Weekly NCLEX/HESI Question for June 20


Remember to take your time and read the entire question. If you have any questions or tips please participate in our NCLEX support forum. *Help out other nurses and share why the incorrect answers are not the best choice*

8 Things That Will (Probably) Go Wrong When a Nurse is the Patient


I was recently hospitalized for appendicitis, and while I was recovering sans appendix, I realized that nurses really don’t make the best patients…as if that’s something we all didn’t already know! 1. They will have to be poked more than once for their IV. There seriously must be some kind of law about this. If […]

Tips for Managing a Bully Nurse


There are nurses that are born with thick skin and those that grow it. I am of the grew it camp. I was a highly impressionable, even shy new graduate. You can imagine the culture shock I experienced on witnessing bullying in the workplace for the first time. Being a nurse has given me the […]

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