Weekly NCLEX/HESI Question for February 8


Remember to take your time and read the entire question. If you have any questions or tips please participate in our NCLEX support forum. *Help out other nurses and share why the incorrect answers are not the best choice*

5 Basic Nursing Skills That Never Go Out Of Style


As the complexity of patients continues to increase, it’s easy to forget our most basic nursing skills when some days we are just trying to save a life and get a bathroom break. However, the more complicated our patients become the more important it is to perform the basics. My very first nurse preceptor, who […]

7 Reasons Why Nurses Cover Up Their Mistakes


Unlike many other professions, people in the healthcare field can lose much more than their jobs, depending on the severity of their mistakes. When we make a mistake, regardless of how little or how big it is, we have a decision to make. Always chose accountability. 1. They’re scared. Fear can make people do crazy, […]

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