Weekly NCLEX/HESI Question for September 18


Remember to take your time and read the entire question. If you have any questions or tips please participate in our NCLEX support forum. *Help out other nurses and share why the incorrect answers are not the best choice*

8 Things to Know Before You Marry a Nurse


I recently married my boyfriend of 10 years. In our time together, he has learned to tolerate some of the things that come out of my mouth. My career as a nurse has shaped me into an individual that sometimes lacks a filter. There is no telling what I might talk about over dinner. I […]

How Nurses Can Help in the Aftermath of a Hurricane


As I write this, I can’t help but appeal to you the reader as a nurse, but also as someone who is all too familiar with hurricanes. My hometown is in Florida. I have family and friends scattered all over the state. I grew up riding out hurricanes with family and friends. Irma is one […]

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