Weekly NCLEX/HESI Question for May 23


Remember to take your time and read the entire question. If you have any questions or tips please participate in our NCLEX support forum. *Help out other nurses and share why the incorrect answers are not the best choice*

3 Tips for new nurses working night shift


Some things, like codes, are fearsome, but it seems that some new nurses are more afraid of the night shift. It does happen more often, and the shift can be intimidating if you’ve never worked it. Many nurses come into the profession with some experience of working overnight, but that is not the same as […]

A Mighty Nurse in South Africa


There is just something fascinating about cultures other than our own. We travel to taste new food, hear a new language, and see new sights. What about different nursing cultures? Are they not equally fascinating? What kind of system do they work in? Do they face the same issues nurses in the U.S. face? Do […]

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