10 Gift Ideas for the Nurse in Your Family

shopping-bagIt feels like this year has just flown by!! For many of us, finding the perfect gift is exciting, fun, and rewarding while others may find it tedious. Depending on the year, I can fall in either camp. My sister is the one that always seems to find the perfect gift for anyone in the family. She takes her time and looks carefully. Her gifts are always what you wanted, but would have never have thought to buy for yourself. For those of you searching endlessly to no avail, here are a few simple gift ideas for the nurse in your family this Christmas.


A nurse’s individuality can be expressed clearly in the socks he or she wears. Compression socks are best as nurses spend an average of twelve hours on their feet. They reduce swelling in the feet and legs, relieve achiness, and can help prevent varicose veins. There are so many adorable lines of compression socks on the market now.

Coffee or Tea Tumbler 

Coffee or tea are what see most nurses through a shift. Most of us can not start our shift without. A simple and inexpensive way to say Merry Christmas to your nurse is with a tumbler in their favorite color or pattern. Think green when purchasing.

Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated is key to a successful shift. Why not buy your nurse a personalized water bottle they can reuse? There are bottles for the sports enthusiast, art enthusiast, environmentally conscious, or tech enthusiast. At the same time, you are contributing to a cleaner planet.

Lunch Bag

Those who have worked long enough at the bedside have learned to bring their own food to work. Cafeteria food in general is not of the highest quality and most nurses do not have the time to leave the unit for lunch. Lunch bags designed today come in all shapes, sizes, and convenience. Most look like purses or messenger bags allowing your nurse to carry less to work. They might even make healthier food choices.


As nurses are required to wear scrubs every day to work, many try to accessorize. A few suggestions include a nurse themed necklace or earrings, an engraved watch or stethoscope tag, or a unique badge holder. Check out Etsy for handmade items for your nurse. 

Essential Oils

Relaxation after a tough shift is essential. A few drops of lavender in a warm bath is just the thing for your nurse. Add an essential oil diffuser to your gift bag and they will enjoy hours of much needed rest and relaxation.

Eye Pillow

Sleep is also essential for a nurse. Most nurses work their shifts all in a row meaning in three days they can work 36 hours. After twelve hours of work plus a likely commute, it can be hard to unwind and fall asleep quickly after a shift. An eye pillow is a perfect way to fall asleep quickly and sleep solidly. Eye pillows have a calming effect and are excellent for frequent headache sufferers or insomniacs. 

Spa Day

Expanding on the theme of relaxation, why not buy your nurse a gift card for a day at the spa? Check your local spa for holiday specials. One relaxing day at the spa can go a long way.


Nurses need and deserve relaxation. Why not give your favorite nurse a one-hour massage? There is no better gift than the gift of wellness.

Gift Card

While a gift card may seem like a generic gift suggestion, a nurse can never have too many pairs of scrubs or too many comfy shoes. Consider a gift card at your local scrub outlet or online.

Nurses spend so much time caring for others in both their professional and personal life. Remember your nurse this Christmas and reward them for all their hard work. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!!

Lori is a travel nurse that has made her way to Sweden. She is also a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher. Follow her adventures working and traveling through Europe in her blog, Neonurse, or on Instagram.

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