11 Nursing moments that make your heart skip

There’s an old Mighty Nurse saying: ‘Nursing is not just a job, it’s an Adventure!

Nursing sure is a wild and emotional ride. There are hundreds of feelings and moments we experience every day. These moments mark split seconds of intense feelings, whether they be fear, happiness, elation, realization, dread, or pride.

Let’s try to capture some of them.

1. The moment when you realize your team is inexplicably short a nurse or CNA, and you’re half an hour into your shift. Uh-oh. Somebody get the manager.

2. The moment when you see nursing students show up at work, and the back of your mind goes “I am so glad I’m not them anymore!”’

3. The moment you see the red flash of blood when starting an IV. Pure happiness.

4. The moment you see a patient leave the unit looking happy and healthy, and you think to yourself, “We done good!”

5. The moment you see one of your old nursing instructors on the unit and feel either

  • like showing off.
  • like a deer in the headlights.
  • like old pals and saying ‘Hi!’

Depends on the instructor.

6. The moment your personal phone rings at home and you realize it’s a work number. Mixed feelings: is your shift being canceled? Or is somebody asking you to work more? Is it bad news? Did you forget something really important? Maybe it’s just somebody asking you a quick question. Here goes…

7. The moment you realize you’re actually pretty good at what you do. Something unexpected happens, and you react quickly and correctly. You start noticing others are coming to you with questions, and you know the answers. You think to yourself ‘Not bad, self. Not bad at all.’

8. The moment you’re driving home and you realize you forgot to do something. Hopefully it’s something you can just call up and tell someone about. Otherwise, it’s time to practice your U-Turns. Either way, the famous Homer Simpson sums it up well: ‘Doh!’

9. The moment your computer screen freezes for a moment while you chart and you think you’ve just lost it all. Then the flood of relief once it starts going again.

10. The moment you arrive at work and don’t see yourself on the schedule. Depending on whether you need the money, how far you’ve driven, and whether you like your job, you’re either elated and hopeful…or you’re really not amused.

11. The moment you get a sincere thank you from a patient. Whether it’s a verbal compliment or a written letter, there’s nothing better than getting a sincere thank-you. It makes your heart just well up.

These are some of my moments. Everyone has their own. What are your workday moments that make your heart skip a beat?

Kevin is the owner of Kevin’s Review, a review site for NCLEX classes and NCLEX Review Books.

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