12 ways for a Nurse to get fired

There are so many ways to get in trouble at work. If you like your job, or at least, if you want to keep it, here are a few things you should try NOT to do.

1. Constantly show up late. You may think that no one notices, but I promise you, someone is watching! They may just be using the right time to bring it all up…

2. Don’t keep up with your certifications. I’ve worked for hospitals before that didn’t require basic certifications in order to keep working, but the majority of places require you to be certified in basic skills, like CPR, or for maternal-child nurses, NRP. Most hospitals do not play around!

3. Fail a drug test. This is an easy way to get in massive trouble. If you get hurt on the job, the first thing any hospital will do is make you take a drug test. Start acting kind of funny, and just know that your leadership team can ask you at any time to take one, without reason.

4. Do not steal from work. Do not steal from patients. Just don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you. Especially drugs (see #3)

5. Disclose information about a patient. Anyone who violates HIPAA should deserves to be fired because we should ALL know by now do.not.do.this.

6. Outwardly disrespect your boss. Not everyone can like everybody, but you can not and should not outwardly disrespect your boss. Sometimes I think people forget there IS a hierarchy.

7. Don’t complete required training. We can all roll our eyes collectively and moan about how many things there are to complete, but don’t complete any one of them and you can bet you will be written up—and those things add up fast!

8. Get arrested. What you do on your own time is still up for scrutiny. You will count your lucky stars if you only get arrested and don’t also lose your license.

9. Talk bad about your hospital or coworkers. I can’t tell you how many times I see people do this. Word gets around!!!Do not ever talk bad about your coworkers, your hospital, or your unit. It will get back to your boss. And their boss. And you will get in trouble.

10. Threaten violence. Don’t even joke about this one.

11. Make bad mistakes, repeatedly. You have to learn from your mistakes. If you make bad mistakes, mistakes that can cause, or potentially cause harm over and over again, it will not end well for you.

12. Chart something that you didn’t do. Probably one of the easiest ways to get in trouble, don’t ever chart something inaccurately on purpose. We have to show accountability and we have so much autonomy that we have to show everyone we can do the right thing.

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