15 Qualities Found in the Best Nurses

1. They have a strong work ethic. They actually work. They aren’t hanging out at the nurse’s station the entire shift acting like they don’t see a call light or hear an incoming telephone call. They are always willing to help out those around them, even if they are busy or have other things to do.

2. They know how to prioritize. They may have a million tasks to complete, like every other nurse, but they prioritize, and they prioritize well. They are expert time managers.

3. They are compassionate to the core. They have empathy, and they show compassion towards the people they care for and their coworkers.

4. They hold themselves accountable. They aren’t looking to blame other people for failing to do something, and they take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

5. They’re educators. They understand that nursing involves a little bit (and sometimes, a lot) of education. Education usually takes place every step of the way.

6. They’re observant. A true nursing trait! They seem to notice everything and pay attention to the smallest details.

7. They are dependable. You can count of them for practically anything. These nurses never let you down. They will never surprise you in a bad way.

8. They ask questions. They aren’t afraid to question people, orders, or ideas. And they seem to always know when to gently probe their patients for more information.

9. They’re flexible. The best nurses understand that nursing is fluid and ever-changing. They understand that change is inevitable.

10. They’re good listeners. They pay attention and they are attentive. You always feel like they hear what you’re trying to say.

11. They’re consistent. You can always rely on them to provide consistent, exceptional results.

12. They act as a catalyst. They aren’t afraid of change and they are able to motivate action from those around them.

13. They are able to multitask. All nurses are doing many tasks at once.

14. They are appreciative. They appreciate the work that we do, and are grateful for the impact of their profession.

15. They inspire. One of the greatest qualities of the best nurses I’ve ever seen is the ability to inspire those around them. They never forget that they have the ability to affect the people they work with and care for.

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