17 Reasons Your Nurse Manager Likes Someone Else More than You

Story---Medical-Chat-4-2016-484x252-PNGIf you think that your manager “likes” someone more than you, here are a few things to consider. Another thing to keep in mind? Don’t assign motivation 😉

1. They show up to work on time. Managers like people who come to work on time. If you think that the nurse who waited for you to get to work did not complain about you being late, you might be right. But trust me, someone

2. They act happy when they’re at work. Everyone likes people who are cheerful. No one looks forward to working with someone who is always gloom and doom.

3. Their scrubs are neat. If you think no one notices that your scrubs aren’t ironed, my mother would argue with you.

4. They don’t spread negativity. When you come to work complaining about everything, before you know it, the whole unit has a different outlook. Don’t let this be you!

5. When they’re at work, they work. Every single person, including your manager, likes people who come to work to work. And trust me, everyone knows who works on the unit and who doesn’t.

6. They pick their battles. Managers love employees that pick their battles. They’re not arguing about everything and making a fuss over things that aren’t important.

7. They’re easy to work with. Who doesn’t like a person who is easy to work with? Managers love employees that are drama free. They aren’t knee deep in it, looking for it, or trying to dodge it.

8. They are leaders. Managers like people who are leaders. All talk and no action is called a hallucination 😉

9. They are flexible. Managers like people who go with the flow. Sometimes there’s nothing anyone can do: things change. Sometimes there’s nothing anyone can do: things change back. But managers appreciate people who can kind of ride the wave and understand that outside forces sometimes drive change.

10. They show respect. Everyone should show each other mutual respect. That’s you not being an asshole. That’s also you being a decent human being. It’s appreciated.

11. They’re transparent. Sometimes we expect management to read our minds. But managers appreciate when employees are direct and transparent. They reach out to their leadership if they have questions or concerns, and they don’t leave anyone guessing.

12. They chart appropriately. You don’t have to chart everything. You just have to chart appropriately. If your patient goes to hell in a handbasket, when risk management pulls your chart, they aren’t going to pull out their hair.

13. Their patients love them. Patient satisfaction is here to stay. Managers are thankful for nurses who get good feedback from the people they take care of. Perception is everything, after all.

14. They stay calm and collected. Managers appreciate it wen employees don’t freak out and cause a scene. They are thankful for employees that stay calm and collected during their shift.

15. They stay up-to-date. You have to evolve with the times! Nursing is constantly moving forward, and everyone appreciates a nurse that stays current.

16. They advance their education. Part of staying current is advancing your education. It validates your commitment to the nursing profession and to your professional practice. This might mean going back to school to obtain an advanced degree, or it may mean getting certified.

17. They smile. Just try it, it will change your mood and everyone else’s around you

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