20 Gifts to Get Your Favorite Nurse

Story---Patient-iconsWhether you’re getting a gift for the best nurse that took care of you, for your best friend or sister, or whether you’re looking for a gift for the nurse that you love, here are 20 suggestions to help you find the perfect gift!

Food. It goes without saying that all nurses love food. From cookies to casseroles to breakfast tacos, nothing says you appreciate your favorite nurse like food.

Energy drinks. Nurses thrive on caffeine. Diet Cokes and Red Bulls are a staple in practically any nurse’s lounge. When we’ve lost all of our mo-jo, sometimes a little caffeine will keep us going.

Alcohol. After all, red wine is doctor recommended, right?

A massage. If you want to give a gift that will help a nurse relax, a massage is the way to go! You might even try calling the hospital they work at to see if they offer massages at a discount to their employees. Then you’d be able to get your nurse a massage a little cheaper at the hospital they actually work at! Most hospitals even have “mini massages” so they can pop down at their lunch break.

Coffee cup. We all need a coffee cup at work, whether or not we actually drink coffee. We make oatmeal in them, eat soup out of them, and use them to hold our pens in our locker.

A phone charger. It never fails, someone is always needing a phone charger at work. These are relatively cheap, and come in handy when you realize your phone is almost dead.

Socks. A lot of nurses I know like to wear holiday-themed socks.

Black jacket. These are actually relatively cheap (I bought mine for under $20), and most hospitals will let you wear a black jacket with your scrubs. The jacket should be very light weight and thin (at least, for anyone here in the South). They’re usually in the athletic department.

Personal care items. A little basket of sample personal care items that they can keep in their locker is a great gift. You could include deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a travel-size bottle of Febreeze.

Stethoscope. If you’re really wanting to splurge, most nurses use the same stethoscope that they bought when the graduated nursing school. Not able to dish out this kind of money? You could get them a stethoscope accessory, like a name tag.

New nursing shoes. Another high-dollar item, as nursing shoes roughly cost around $100. But every nurse could use another pair.

Donate on their behalf. One of the best gifts I ever got was when a patient donated to the hospital on my behalf. If you know your nurse loves animals, donate to a local shelter. It’s a great gift to give someone who probably has everything they need.

A basket of snacks. Another “food” type gift, but this time, focused completely on snacks. Granola bars, nuts, popcorn, or any other snack-type gift will be well appreciated.

Pens. It doesn’t even have to be a good pen, just a pen (or a package of pens) that write well. We are all always looking for a pen.

Locker accessories. Any magnetic-type locker accessory is a great gift! They make so many now, from mirrors to pen holders.

Gum or mints. If your nurse doesn’t chew gum or eat mints, one of their coworkers does! And regardless of whether they normally do, at some point at work there is a high likelihood that they will need some themselves.

Coffee. We are constantly on the go and have to get up wayyyyy before the sun is up. Enough said!

Tea tree shampoo. It’s invigorating and wakes up your senses. A nice start to their day!

A card. I have kept every card I’ve ever been given. We normally hang them up in the lounge and it’s a nice reminder that the work we do is appreciated.

Write a letter to their boss, or better yet, to hospital administration. So you know how great your nurse was, you would think that everyone else does too. Wrong! Our bosses and hospital administration make a big deal when someone goes out of their way to acknowledge one of their employees. If you really want to say thank you, you can also fill out that hospital survey that you get after discharge!

Until my next delivery <3

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