20 Nursing School Myths

Nursing school is tough, and many rumors have developed around it. It has become a mythological rite of passage that many potential nurses fear.

Here are a few of the myths that have arisen around this marathon of an education. They are not true, but they may seem like they are.

Don’t be fooled, and don’t be scared. Nursing school is hard, but not as hard as you think.

1. Nursing school will take up your whole life.

2. Nursing school with destroy your family/ relationships.

3. You will not be able to do anything other than study in nursing school.

4. The instructors try to make you fail on purpose.

5. The test questions are designed to trick you into failing.

6. Clinicals are designed to humiliate you into showing you what you don’t know.

7. Anatomy and physiology is the most important class you will ever take.

8. Memorization is the best way to get through nursing school.

9. You don’t need cheat sheets to get though school or clinicals. (Hint: You do.)

10. Nurses always eat their young.

11. Nursing school is a one to one example of how real nursing on the floor is.

12. Good grades equal good nurses.

13. The more books you have the better you will do in nursing school.

14. The more time you spend pouring over books, notes, and internet sites the better you will be at nursing.

15. Graduating from nursing school guarantees that you will have a job when you go to look for one.

16. If you have a passion for nursing, then you will love nursing forever and ever, no matter where you go after school.

17. You need a tremendous amount of expensive medical gear to get through nursing school.

18. If you become a nurse, then you a pretty much just a step away from being a doctor.

19. Nursing school is nearly impossible to get through unless you sacrifice everything in your life to make it through the schooling.

20. Nursing school is easy if you are smart enough and really have a passion for nursing.

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