20 Reasons you shouldn’t quit nursing

story-nurse-icon-circle-12-2016-484x252-pngIt is a sad commentary on the profession, but nurses are leaving in droves. Whether it is pain or burnout, nurses just can’t take the stress anymore.

No one can blame them, really. Nursing is a tough profession, and it is often a thankless one.

Not many people understand what a nurse really does. However, there are many reasons not to give up.

For as many good reasons as you may have for wanting to quit nursing, there are some good reasons to stay, too. Here are twenty reasons you may one to consider hanging in there a bit longer.

1. Patients need caring, loving nurses like you.

2. If staffing ratios are bad, they will be even worse when you are gone.

3. The best way to affect change is from the inside.

4. You trained a long time to become a nurse.

5. You are good at being a nurse.

6. Your skills make you valuable to your patients and your coworkers.

7. Your experience at the bedside cannot be replaced.

8. You really love helping people.

9. Patients make you laugh.

10. Making a difference in the lives of others is an important feature of nursing for you.

11. Nursing is flexible, and you can find jobs in other areas if you are creative.

12. If you want to quit because of pain, find an area of nursing that doesn’t require you to be on your feet and perform lifts.

13. You can explore your options in work environment or careers within nursing.

14. You are an advocate for your patients, and they need nurses like that.

15. You have insider knowledge of nursing, and you can help bring the problems to light.

16. Quitting just means passing the problem off to a new nurse who probably doesn’t realize how hard nursing can be… leading to their own burnout and eventual quitting.

17. You are a great patient advocate, so be a nurse advocate in your facility and in your community instead of walking away.

18. There are aspects of nursing to love every day; focus on them, if you can.

19. Some people need to walk away for sanity, but take this as an opportunity to examine yourself in depth through counselling before walking away.

20. Patients are safer with more nurses staying in the profession.

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