20 Things Nurses Complain About

Story---Medical-Icons-Nurse-484x252There are a lot of things that nurses are grateful for, in fact…many of the things we are grateful for are also on this list 😉 As nurses, our lives our filled with complex relationships. There are many things asked of us on a daily basis, so needless to say, we have a lot of things we can complain about!

1. Having to wear scrubs. It’s a love/hate relationship. On one hand, we can spill practically anything on them and it will wash right off. But on the other hand, scrubs are formless, expensive, and just plain ugly. Plus, we aren’t usually able to choose the color.

2. Making our schedule so far in advance. Many of us have to put in our schedule months in advance. It’s hard planning that far ahead, and inevitably, we will mistakenly schedule ourselves on someone’s birthday, anniversary, or soccer game. Grrrrrr.

3. Having to work weekends and holidays. We understand someone has to work weekends and holidays, we just don’t want it to be us!

4. Our boss. They may be the best boss in the world, but we will find something to complain about…

5. Competencies. It’s obviously very important that we’re competent in the work that we do. But more than likely we will complain about having to do them, how they’re prepared, how they’re delivered to us, and the timeframe we’re given to do them in. Sigh.

6. Not being allowed to get our nails done. I don’t even LIKE to get my nails done, but when the option is taken away from me, all of a sudden I’m wishing I could have a mani.

7. Administration. The elusive “upper administration.” We’re terrified of them and think they do nothing and everything all at the same time.

8. Scripting. No one (except me) seems to like scripting. Everyone hates having to be told what to say, but they also hate getting in trouble for not saying what they were supposed to say in the first place.

9. (Some of) our coworkers. Most of our coworkers are awesome. Seriously, they’re almost all absolutely amazing! But all of us can name a few that we can all complain about…maybe they’re always late, maybe they’re a little lazy, maybe they can’t ever be found when you need them. We’re onto you!

10. Our educator. Deep down, we know it’s their job to educate us. Unfortunately, we don’t like what they have to tell us, how they tell us, or how they want us to test our newly learned knowledge. They are basically the last person we want to talk to on our unit (um, besides our boss), because they’re probably going to tell us one more thing that we have to do before X deadline.

11. Charting. Seriously, how are we expected to take on more patients and simultaneously chart MORE things?!? Reality check!!! …Something has to give. And trust me, you don’t want it to be patient care.

12. (Some of) our patients. Most of our patients are truly a pleasure to take care of. Like 99.9% of them. But we all have that one patient that is just plain hard work, for whatever reason.

13. Our assignment. Our assignment is one of the easiest things we can complain about. It directly affects our entire shift and we have absolutely no control over it. We also see everyone else’s assignment, and since we don’t know exactly what the charge nurse was thinking, it’s easy to get caught up comparing our assignment to another nurse’s assignment. I just keep reminding myself that the easiest assignment isn’t always necessarily the easiest assignment. And sometimes being maxed out has its perks.

14. The patient’s family. Like our patients, most of their family members are a pleasure to take care of and talk to. But there’s always that one family member who is demanding, argumentative, and thinks they know more than the patient’s actual physician.

15. A physician order. We don’t always agree with every physician order, so this is a common complaint amount nurses…

16. A physician order that we had to write. Even worse is a physician’s order that we had to write!

17. Physicians sitting in our chairs. Gone are the days where nurses got up from their chairs when physicians walked into the nurse’s station. Now it’s annoying as hell when we have nowhere to chart because they didn’t want to use the physician’s lounge.

18. Not seeing the sun. If you work days, you get to work before the sun is up and you usually leave when the sun has already gone down. If you work nights you usually get to work when it’s dark and you leave before the sun has fully come up. You get the idea…

19. Never seeing our family. When we work long stretches of days in a row, it’s easy to miss seeing our family completely! We’re usually out the door before they’re out of bed and we’re usually back when everyone is already getting ready for bed. This can easily take its toll.

20. Having to bite our tongue. The most common thing a nurse can complain about is the fact that we have to bite our tongue. Half the time we can’t say what we’re really Sometimes a physician can get snippy. Sometimes management drives us nuts and sometimes it’s a coworker who just won’t stop talking. Like I said before, our lives our filled with complex relationships, and one of the ways we survive this is by biting our tongue!


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