2012 nursing salary trends – show me the money!

Stories - Carla Money BagDo you like 90s movie references? Mighty Nurse loves them! So we’re all ears when you shout at the top of your lungs, “Show me the money!”

Now, we’re not actually Jerry Maguire (that would be a strange alter ego), but we canhelp you find the jobs that pay the best.


In fact, if you search Mighty Nurse jobs, each result displays hourly wage information. Aside from tooting our own horn, a recent article published by NurseZone.com is a great resource for nursing salary trends in 2012 and beyond.

The economic environment for nurses right now is especially good. Compensation is “ahead of the nation’s employees as a whole,” and demand for experienced nurses is causing salaries to inch up. That’s great news, but if you’re a Mighty Nurse, you already know that being well compensated is about more than economic factors. It’s about what you control and the  knowledge and skills you possess in caring for others.

How a Mighty Nurse gets an employer to show them the money

Getting paid well is all about the effort you put in. Empower yourself. Take control of your career and create a demand for your services that employers want to reward.  Make sure they know you’re worth it. From the previously linked NurseZone.com article, there are specific things you can do to improve your financial worth as a nurse.

Add certifications and specialties
Advance your level of education
Keep working! Experience matters
Work in a location with higher wages (view the states with the highest wages)

Specifically, we learn in the article that there is “a trend toward compensation tied to specialty area, certification and education. The article highlights specific specialties /departments with the greatest earning potential. You might want to consider any of the following opportunities for the best wages:

Critical care
Operating room
Labor and delivery

What do you think? The nursing profession is certainly one that seems to be on an upward progression in terms of opportunity. Do nurses in these specialties get paid more? Are there other  opportunities you’d recommend pursuing? And how much does money factor in when looking for a job? Let us know!

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