2017 New Year’s resolutions for nurses

cartoon-new-years-who-has-time-for-gym-764x823-png2017 is here! You may resolve to meet goals in your personal life, and you may also need to set goals for your nursing life.

Some resolutions may overlap with your personal ones. Some may seem impossible, but they are the right thing to do. If you find yourself in a situation where one of these resolutions seems impossible, you may need to resolve to find a new job in 2017.

1. I will take a break to urinate at least every eight hours.

2. I will help my coworkers with their work when I am caught up with mine.

3. I will finally take ACLS regardless of my specialty so that I know how to run a code.

4. I will pursue the next higher level of education for the benefit of my career and my patients.

5. I will start an exercise program to increase my overall health and wellness.

6. I will bring in healthy snacks for myself and my coworkers.

7. I will begin a study into mindfulness to help decrease my stress in the workplace.

8. I will not let anyone tell me that I need to work more shifts than I feel I can.

9. I will not let anyone tell me I can take more patients than I safely can.

10. I will not be intimidated by management into doing things that put my license at risk.

11. I will not turn a blind eye to situations that put patients at risk, even though they are mandated by management.

12. I will spend more time with my family this year and enjoy them.

13. I will go out more as a normal person and experience the world as something other than a nurse.

14. I will not answer the phone on my days off.

15. I will not be cajoled, bullied, or guilted into giving up my precious time off.

16. I will get enough sleep to feel rested without overdoing it.

17. I will wean off caffeine and depend on proper rest and self-care to help me get through my shift.

18. I will learn the signs of depression, and I will learn to recognize them in myself and others.

19. I will accept that I may be depressed due to my job, and I will take steps to take care of myself first.

20. I will recognize that I may be over extending myself at work and that this is leading me to feel dissatisfied with nursing and life in general.

21. I will watch myself for increased alcohol consumption as a coping mechanism and find healthier ways to deal with the stress I am facing.

22. I will admit when I am down, upset, overwhelmed, on the brink, ready to break, and I will do something about it immediately.

23. I will take part in movements that seek to advocate for better work conditions for nurses, such as those supported by the ANA and grassroots organizations.

24. I will continue to love and care for my patients as if they were my own family members and help see them through their journey in my care.

25. I will treat myself as well as I treat my patients because the care of myself is just as important as the care of my patients.

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