3 Ways to Conquer Your Nursing Shift

Story---Hospital-Icons-1-2016-484x252-PNGYou are not just a nurse – you are a conqueror. What normal people do during a day of work pales in comparison to the battles that nurses must face and overcome.

How does a nurse conquer their shift, though? What are the most important skills that are necessary to face the shift and come out feeling like you are on top?

Most nurses already do what it takes to conquer a shift, but they don’t know it. It is time to recognize the strategies you use to conquer your shift and to focus on them to make your next shift even more stress free.

Get Organized

Organization is the key to conquering your shift. You need to make sure you have some way of writing down key information, keeping track of your tasks during the day, and getting to your patients in a systematic way.

Brain sheets are a great way to stay organized. Some nurses use the ones generated by the electronic charting system, but some like to write the information on their own sheets.

Organization is absolutely vital to getting through your shift, but it can help you conquer it, too. The well-organized nurse feels less stressed and more in control of their environment.

When you know what you have to do and have it written down, those interruptions are less likely to throw you for a loop. Make sure you follow your routines and stay organized to conquer your shift.

Take Breaks

It has been said over and over, but it bears repeating: you must take your breaks. Everyone thinks they don’t have the time to take breaks, but neglecting them will make your shift that much more difficult.

First on the list is going to the bathroom – which doesn’t technically count as a break. You should find time to run to the bathroom and back when you have to go.

Not taking the time to take care of yourself will make it more difficult to get through the shift and conquer it. You should find time to eat, too.

In fact, you should find time to visit the breakroom and get away from the hectic activity of the floor. It may seem impossible, but you will only feel more stressed if you can’t get away for ten minutes and think of something other than your patients.

Remember Motivations

We all become nurses for a reason, and it is far too easy to forget those reasons. Before you start your shift, take some time to remember why you became a nurse in the first place.

When you remember the reason for your career, you are more willing to take the stress the inevitably occurs. You remember that you are there to help people, and that you want to use your life to make others’ better.

You may forget this during your time on the floor, and you need to take some time to remember why you are there. No one put a gun to your head to make you a nurse, and it helps to take time during the shift to remember the reasons you want to help.

Conquering your shift isn’t easy, but you can work at it by keeping organized, taking breaks, and remembering why you want to become a nurse. Instead of merely eking out a shift, remembering these tenets will help you come out strong and confident.

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