30 perks of being a nurse

medical-cross-icons-with-bgWith so much negativity surrounding nurses and nursing, it is about time we took a look at how awesome it is to be a nurse!

In fact, nursing can improve you as a person both in the facility and out. You learn something new every day, make a difference in people’s lives, and earn the trust of patients.

When you are feeling stressed, take a look at this list and revel in how wonderful nursing can be.

1. You get to meet tons of new people.

2. You are making a difference.

3. Some days you get to save a life.

4. Sometimes you only have to work three days per week.

5. You can get all the overtime you want.

6. You get paid more than other entry level employees.

7. You realize that all the bodies in magazines are Photoshopped after seeing enough real bodies to last you a lifetime.

8. When the team works together, it is a rush.

9. You are immune to the “gross” things in life.

10. You never have to think about what to wear to work.

11. You don’t need to wear makeup to work.

12. You start to run your house and kids like a well-run shift.

13. You become a computer expert trying to figure out how to use the ever changing system.

14. You are never bored.

15. You can handle medical emergencies outside the facility with ease.

16. You never really connect with a person until you’ve been their nurse.

17. Nurses are almost always in demand with relative job security.

18. You will never run out of patients.

19. All the hand sanitizer you can handle.

20. You will learn tricks on how to quickly dress and undress a patient.

21. You’ve developed a MacGuyver-like ability to solve mechanical problems.

22. Your manual dexterity in gloves makes you a whiz when working with snow gloves in the winter.

23. You learn about family dynamics on an intimate level.

24. Philosophically, your views on people change – sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

25. You become a germophobe and disinfect your house, your car, and your workspace regularly.

26. You learn how to eat and pee on the go!

27. You can type so fast the sound of the keys clack up and down the hall.

28. You can recognize certain pills on sight.

29. You learn how to confront grief – although you may never get used to it.

20. You learn sometimes that a soft blanket is the most important thing you can do for a patient, and that translates into the real world, too.

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