30 questions to never ask a nurse outside of work

Medical-Speech-Bubble-Icons-No-LogoNurses like their time off, but many people don’t understand how to talk to you when you are outside of work. Since they don’t understand what nurses do, they don’t understand what upsets a nurse.

Part of this is because nurses are silent professionals, and they keep their amazing work to themselves. That needs to change, but that isn’t the purpose of this article.

In this article, we look at 30 questions that are absolutely infuriating when asked by friends, family members, and strangers. Some are just based on stupidity, but most are based on downright ignorance of what it truly means to be a nurse.

1. Why are you so tired?

2. Aren’t you lucky that you only work three days per week?

3. Isn’t CPR easy?

4. Aren’t nurses just doctors’ secretaries?

5. Don’t doctors do all the work like on House?

6. Why are you always sleeping?

7. Why are you always eating?

8. Are you really going to have another glass of wine?

9. Do you really need to tell me about that patient who died?

10. Why do you just sit in front of the TV and stare at Netflix?

11. Why do you cry all the time?

12. Aren’t you happy now that you graduated nursing school?

13. Isn’t it great that you get to spend so much time with patients?

14. Don’t you save a life, like, all the time?

15. Why do you have so many blisters on your feet?

16. Why do you work so many different shifts in one week?

17. Why can’t you take the weekend off to be with us?

18 Why can’t you be home for Christmas?

19. Do you love your job or do you hate it?

20. Do you realize how much coffee you drink?

21. Why are you obsessed with donuts?

22. Don’t doctors and nurses get along?

23. Isn’t most of your job paperwork?

24. Why does your back always hurt?

25. How come you keep buying new shoes for work?

26. Aren’t nurses supposed to eat healthy?

27. Why do you get mad when I tell everyone you’re a nurse?

28. Why do you need this continuing education when you had so much schooling?

29. Why can’t you take care of eight patients?

30. Why do you keep saying that nursing is so hard?

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