30 thoughts a nurse has minutes before taking their NCLEX

Cartoon-nclex seasonThe NCLEX is one of the most difficult tests a nurse will have to face in their career. Of course, passing tests to get advanced degrees are harder, but they don’t have the weight that NCLEX carries in the minds of nurses.

So much goes through a graduate nurse’s mind when they are minutes from sitting in that seat, firing up the computer, and answering questions. It is nerve wracking, but can result in such a feeling of relief when you pass.

Most nurses remember taking their NCLEX and can recall it in detail. Here are a few of the thoughts that may swirl through your head when you finally get the chance to take your boards.

1. I hope I pass.

2. If I get only 75 questions, does that mean I pass or fail?

3. I hope I don’t get 200 questions.

4. What is the range for normal potassium again?

5. I really want to make my family proud.

6. This is one of the most important moments of my life.

7. I hope I understand the computer system.

8. What’s the order of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

9. I hate being separated from my phone.

10. Everyone is going to want to know how it went, and I won’t know what to tell them.

11. What’s going to happen if I fail?

12. I will be a nurse for the rest of my life if I pass this test.

13. Is safety really always first?

14. I hope I don’t get one of those select all the apply questions.

15. I have to remember to select the best answer possible.

16. I have to remember not to read too much into the questions.

17. I’m so going to go out and party when this is over.

18. I am probably going to keep checking the BON website constantly until my results come back.

19. How will my life change when I am a nurse?

20. I wonder if I should get an RN tattoo when I pass.

21. What specialty will I end up in after I pass?

22. I hope I can find a job when I pass.

23. Maybe I can get a nice new car with that sweet nursing paycheck.

24. Failure is always an option, but I hope not today.

25. Oh, God, I need to go to the bathroom a hundred times today.

26. I hope I don’t throw up.

27. My hands are shaking.

28. Gosh, these administrators aren’t very friendly.

29. Everyone believes in me, and I believe in me, and I will be fine.

30. Pass or fail, I will not give up.

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