30 Ways to cheer up a nurse

Nurses often need something to cheer them up. Aside from throwing them a party or curing their burnout, you may wonder what else you can do to make them feel better.

Nurses can cheer up other nurses, and it often doesn’t take a great deal of effort. In essence, don’t be a jerk, and try to be someone who helps.

You will often have too much of your own responsibilities and focusing on your own happiness, but if you can find the time, someone may need you. Here are 30 ways you can cheer up your nursing friends and maybe help someone through a difficult shift.

1.Bring in food and coffee

2. Offer to watch their patients while they take a break

3. Get the crash cart when their patient goes down

4. Give them four patients on med surg

5. Put in an IV on a difficult patient

6. Hang a new bag for them when the old one is dry

7. Plug in their computer on wheels when they forget

8. Answer “their” call bell

9. Recommend a comfortable pair of shoes or inserts

10. Talk about times you totally rocked a difficult patient

11. Let them decompress about the stresses on the floor

12. Offer to trade a shift when they need it

13. Plan fun “nights out” for a group of stressed nurses

14. Go with them to the manager to complain about a situation

15. Help get their post-op settled

16. Take their admission when you have fewer patients than they do

17. Don’t sit at the nurses’ station on your phone

18. Share books for certification or NCLEX that you don’t need anymore

19. Wish someone a happy birthday if you know it is their day

20. Help plan potlucks when you have to work a holiday

21. Don’t ask them to become Facebook friends

22. Ask how their family is doing without prying too much

23. Understand that sometimes nurses just have bad shifts and don’t think less of them

24. Clean up after yourself and organize the nurses’ station when you can

25. Don’t call off when you don’t need to; don’t come into work when you are sick

26. Respect that sometimes nurses really do need to call off

27. Allow an overwhelmed nurse a second to sit down and relax

28. Show compassion for your nurse friends when you can

29. Reset a pump that is beeping

30. Help to clean up a code brown

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