35 Things that Make a Nurse Smile

Story---Stetho-Nurse-484x252-Nurses are not often known for smiling all the time and it’s unfortunate that sometimes their smiles may be perceived by patients and coworkers as faked or forced.

There are times when nurses genuinely smile, though, and there are many reasons to do so. From a quiet shift to knowing you are nearing the finish line, nurses are apt to smile when the pressure is finally off and they can relax.

Here are 35 things that can make a nurse smile — and these smiles are genuine. If you know of something that makes you smile from ear to ear, leave it in the comments so that other nurses can look for those things. We have to find some happiness in what can be a rough job.

1. Seeing the next nurse come down the hall

2. Listening to a patient’s jokes

3. Making a patient smile

4. A patient thanking you for being a good nurse

5. Catching a bad heart rhythm

6. Fixing a patient’s IV without needing to stick them again

7. Finding the patient’s history is already in the computer

8. Learning you only have four patients

9. Collaborating with a doctor over a patient’s care

10. Diffusing a potentially volatile family situation

11. Performing excellent CPR

12. Getting a patient’s heart rhythm back in a code

13. Offering a helpful suggestion in a code

14. Passing Megacode

15. Passing NCLEX the first time, the second time, or any time

16. Getting through your first shift

17. Having your manager compliment your work

18. Getting special recognition for your patient care

19. A quiet shift

20. Passing meds and charting without being interrupted

21. Getting a chance to urinate

22. Eating a healthy lunch

23. Getting a call off or put on standby

24. Someone bringing in food for everyone to eat

25. Finding a computer to do charting on when it is busy

26. Finding your brains after you lost them

27. Keeping your pen for an entire shift

28. Having an alcohol swab when you need one

29. An easy flush on an IV

30. Successfully managing a patient with multiple drips and equipment

31. Getting your vacation time approved

32. Taking off your shoes

33. Taking a nice, hot shower

34. Spending time with your family after a long shift

35. Going to bed and knowing you don’t have to go into work the next day


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