36 best graduation gifts for new nurses


Order your “Can’t Scare Me Shirt”

Nurses take a great deal of satisfaction in graduating from nursing school, and you may want to help them out by buying a gift to make their transition easier.

Some items you won’t be able to buy because they’re dependent on the facility the nurse ends up working in. However, there are some great gifts ideas out there that will help the new nurse in your life. Take some time and think about these things if you want to get a gift that means something to a nurse.

1. A Littman stethoscope

2. A good pair of bandage scissors

3. A pill splitter

4. A gift card to a scrubs shop

5. A gift card to a good shoe store

6. A book about passing NCLEX

7. A book about your first year in nursing

8. Multiple packages of good pens, preferably sharp point gel pens, black

9. A pen that has several types of ink you can select

10. A yellow highlighter

11. A pocket notebook

12. An up to date drug handbook for nurses

13. Gift card to the app store to download nursing apps

14. Homemade coupons for child care to be redeemed as necessary

15. A trip to a spa for the day

16. Professional clothes for interviews

17. A book on resume writing

18. A book on the most common interview questions

19. Offer to run through interview questions out loud

20. Have a “I passed NCLEX” party

21. Fund an RN tattoo to celebrate the occasion

22. Take them on a day trip away from all the stress

23. Compression stockings for sore legs

24. A tote to carry items back and forth to work

25. A pocket photo album of family that can be taken to work

26. One year subscription to a nursing journal of their choice

27. A book of NCLEX questions for studying

28. A book about the specialty your new grad is interested in

29. A month’s subscription to LinkedIn

30. School SWAG celebrating the college they graduated from

31. Homemade coupons good for venting sessions

32. Wine, wine coolers, beer . . . any alcohol, really

33. High end chocolates

34. Offer a bonfire to burn old textbooks, pictures of professors, and student nurse uniforms

35. A total make over with portrait pictures to follow

36. An awesome shirt from the Mighty Nurse clothing store

These are some of the many items perfect for a new nurse. Sure, some nurses would prefer money, but you can give money in addition to a number of these gifts. You could even make a gift basket with some of the items, depending on how much you are able to spend.

In the end, graduating from nursing school is a big deal and offering gifts is a great way to show how proud you are of your new grad.


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