4 annoying nurses you’ve probably met

Stories - Carla CursingEvery unit has them. The nurse who has peculiar quirks that can be annoying at times. Since you spend so much time with your coworkers, it is only natural that some traits get on your nerves.

Sometimes, these annoying traits can come in handy. When you need something done, a lot of these nurses with annoying traits will step up and help you.

Just because a nurse has annoying habits doesn’t mean they aren’t a fantastic nurse. Still, sometimes you just have to bite your tongue, throw up your hands, and accept them for who they are.

1. The Policies and Procedures Addict

Facilities put out reams and reams of policies and procedures, from changing a bed to charting a bowel movement. Most nurses, secretly, follow their own instincts and fudge the policies a little bit.

The policies and procedures addict knows these rules in and out, and someone help you if you slip up. If they notice that you are not following policies to the letter, they will let you know about it, possibly going to management if the infraction is big enough.

Although this may be annoying, this nurse is usually rather helpful because they keep an eye out for safety violations that would otherwise be ignored. They also know what to do in many situations because they are so tuned into the rules.

2. The Cowboy

Cowboys are probably the opposite of the policies and procedure addict. This is a freewheeling, devil may care, I’m-gonna-do-it-my-way sort of nurse.

This can grate because they are the ones who get you in trouble, resulting in sweeping changes to policies and procedures, and end up getting patients hurt. They also tend to be a little cocky, and that can get on anyone’s nerves.

However, this type of nurse can really help out in a crisis. They show a remarkable lack of fear and jump right into the fray to help. This means that you can count on them to have your back when you need it most.

3. The Code Maven

Some nurses live for the overhead code pager, and they will literally run to the room announced. They love codes, dream about them, and are usually bossing everyone around in the case of an emergency.

This can get on your nerves because they are always running the code, looking for opportunities to be in the middle of the action, and generally causing drama that isn’t needed. Some nurses just like to hang out at codes, not really helping, but getting in on the heat of the moment.

Code mavens are very helpful, though. If you have a coding patient, this is the person you want in the room with you because they know what to do, and after all, what’s so bad about having an ACLS expert right at hand?

4. The Needy Nurse

The needy nurse is always busy, running from one room to another like their hair is on fire. They are overwhelmed by the simplest thing and are always begging other nurses to do work for them.

Of course, this isn’t fair to their coworkers because they all have their jobs that they have to do. The needy nurse is always asking for help, even when they really don’t have that much to do, and they are constantly disorganized.

You may not think there is anything positive to say about the needy nurse, but that’s not quite so. If anyone on the floor knows what it is like to need help, it is them, and you can count on them returning the favor to you by lending a hand when you inevitably get overwhelmed.


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