4 ideal avenues for the venting nurse

Stories - Quote BubbleNursing is hard work, and the stress levels are incredibly high. Sometimes, a nurse just has to vent all of their frustration and stress onto people that care.

You should never vent to a patient, no matter how friendly they are. This will always get back to your manager, and that can get you into serious trouble.

Fortunately, there are ways to vent, and let your feelings out, that won’t put your job in jeopardy. Here is a list of four resources that may provide you safe opportunities to vent.


You can vent to coworkers, but you have to be careful. It is very easy for a coworker to run to management with everything you told them, causing even more stress.

The moral of the story is to find a coworker that you trust. Don’t spread your discontent around because it will get back to people who may not sympathize with your problem.

However, coworkers are probably the best to vent to, because they know the specific problems you face. They are the ones who truly know what you are going through and it may help you both to vent to each other.

Family Members

If you have family members that are willing to listen, you could easily tell them about the frustrations you have. You don’t need to worry about your frustration getting back to your boss.

Friends can also help when you just need someone to vent to. They may not understand what you are talking about, but they can sympathize and give you a sounding board for your feelings.

You may find yourself needing to explain why you are having problems, but mostly they will not judge you. Family and friends may not understand, but they are usually a safe haven.


Another ideal place to vent is in a therapist’s office. Again, they won’t understand exactly what you are going through, but they are trustworthy.

Many nurses don’t feel like they need a therapist. However, no matter how stressed they are or how they are feeling, nurses can find a safe haven with a therapist that may not exist anywhere else in their life.

Therapists can provide techniques to help you through your cope with and work through your issues. Most nursing facilities have free mental health care through occupational health, and it would help you to mitigate some of the costs of seeing a therapist.


If you are the quiet type who doesn’t like to air your grievances to people, you can always turn to journaling to get the feelings out. If you can’t afford a therapist and your family is unsupportive, writing your feelings out can be a great help.

Many people who journal find that just getting their grievances out in writing is enough to calm their feelings. You don’t have to read it over, because it’s like a brain dump.

Feel free to ignore the rules of grammar and spelling, because this practice is simply about venting your feelings. It may seems silly to journal, but if you just keep writing, you will find that the feelings come out, leaving you more at ease.

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