4 Reasons Nurses Need National Nurses Week

Stories - Theme Salute NursesNurses deserve recognition.  No one knows what we do, from the higher ups in our facility to the media that portrays us with no basis in reality.

Not only do nurses deserve the recognition that comes with National Nurses’ Week, but we need the attention, too.

So often our jobs are done in a vacuum with only a handful of people saying thanks.

National Nurses’ Week gives everyone the opportunity to show gratitude toward the people who are probably working the hardest in the facility.

It isn’t just politics, but something necessary for the development of the profession.

Gifts, Presents, and Adoration

We need the gifts that are given to us in thanks for National Nurses’ Week.  Whether this comes in the form of a nice meal or a gift card, the appreciation of being pampered can make nurses feel more valued.

The fact that the facility takes time out to give us different gifts, no matter how small, is a sign of respect that nurses greatly need.

It isn’t so much the presents we receive, but the fact that we get them at all.

Recognition by Management

Nurses don’t get nearly the recognition from management that they deserve.  In a week that celebrates nurses, it may open the eyes of those higher up who don’t realize their facility runs on our backs.

“It gives us a chance to take the long view, to assess where we are as nurses.”

From awards to nice letters, it is nice to get a kind word from the people in the suits.

It certainly isn’t enough for all the times management gets in the way, but getting some sort of recognition from supervisors can help to smooth over some rough patches.

Public Awareness

The public has very little idea what nurses actually do, even when they are patients.

National Nurses’ Week gives the public the opportunity to know more about the profession, what we do to make their health better, and how hard the work really is.

In addition to educating the public, we can get them to accept that nurses are not just the “secretary” to the doctor.

Our profession has its own strong points, its particular problems that are different from the others in the medical spectrum.

Time for Reflection

National Nurses’ Week gives nurses a time to reflect on the profession and what we want to make of it.

It gives us a chance to take the long view, to assess where we are as nurses.

This week is important for nurses to really look at how far we’ve come as a profession, but also to emphasize how far we need to go.

By celebrating what we do best, we can also see those things in the profession that need to improve.

If you work at a facility that celebrates National Nurses’ Week, you should take all the time you can to celebrate, because it isn’t too often that nurses are treated with such respect and admiration.

Instead, use this time to soak up the adoration of the public and management, to make it clear that nurses are vital in the medical machine, and to gain a little of the respect that is usually only reserved for doctors.

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