4 Ways to Fully Sanitize Your Scrubs

What happens in hospitals should stay in hospitals, but unfortunately, you need to wear your scrubs home. That means you bring all of the blood, sweat, vomit, sputum, and microscopic bacteria home with you.

As you shudder thinking about that, you may wonder how you can keep your house from being overrun by hospital grossness. You can change your shoes at work, but what can you do to sanitize your scrubs and protect your house?

Remove Immediately

As soon as you come in the door, remove your scrubs. Don’t sit on the couch or hug your children.

Go someplace private, strip down, and put the scrubs into a basket of their own – away from the other clothes. If you can also take a shower at this point, you should probably do so.

Wash Separately

When it comes to cleaning your scrubs, you should definitely wash them separately from the other clothing in your house. You should never let the scrubs come in contact with your other clothes until they have been thoroughly washed.

Even if you have a small load of clothing for just your scrubs, it is worth doing a small load rather than risking contamination of your other clothing. Would you want your kids to wear clothing that has come into contact with your scrubs that have come into contact with the unspeakable?

Hot Water

Hot water won’t kill everything, but it is a great start. Provided that your scrubs will not shrink, you should wash them on hot wash and hot rinse.

The hot water is a great way to sanitize the clothes from some of the bacteria, since you can’t autoclave clothing. It may also give you peace of mind to know that the hot water is doing its job and scouring your scrubs of the nastiness you faced that last time you wore them to work.

Color Safe Bleach

Ah, bleach: killer of all bad bugs. Unfortunately, you can’t just bleach everything because scrubs are often in different colors.

You don’t want to just wear white, but you could if you wanted to. However, modern laundry technology has gifted nurses with color safe bleach.

This means that you can have the awesome bug killing power of bleach and still wear deep burgundy or bright blue. It is the best of both worlds.

In the end, sanitizing your scrubs is difficult, and some bacteria will get into your house. However, using these steps and being careful with your scrubs will help to cut down on the amount of bacteria and nastiness that makes it from your job to your family.

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