4 ways to judge what type of nurse you are

Story---Medical-Phone-with-IconsWhat kind of nurse are you? What’s your style, attitude, and personality when it comes to nursing? Quiz yourself and find out! Here are 4 outward signs that you can use to assess yourself… or other nurses.

1. Badge Placement

Upper Body – Friendly and Compliant. You place your badge near your chest. You’re okay with people knowing who you are! This is probably where your facility wants you to have your badge, and you take work seriously.

Waistline – Hip and Edgy. No pun intended. You like to be a little different or are maybe more concerned about privacy and style. Facility rules?… whatever, this is how you regain a little control over your own choices.

No Badge – Forgetful. Are you a really really bad nurse and don’t want to get reported? Or maybe you’re concerned that patients on your unit wouldn’t think twice about snatching your badge, given the chance… Probably not! You most likely left it at home. Whoopsies.

2. Scrub Color and Design

Solid/Neutral Colors – Serious. You like a clean, simple style. You may be more analytical and serious-minded at work, and might engage in less small talk than average. Or, your facility has uniforms. That might be it, too.

Prints and Bright Colors – Festive. You’re festive! You love the potlucks, birthday parties, and holiday seasons at work. Your coworkers are your buddies and best friends, and you probably like scrub shopping. The Mighty Nurse Scrubs Store is great!

T-shirt, Hoody Over Scrubs etc. – Laidback. You’ve probably been working at the same place for some time now. You feel comfortable knowing you can wear what you want and nobody will bother you about it. Or you work the night shift. Seriously, everyone… just relax.

3. Punctuality

Arrives 20 Minutes Early. You live with a healthy neuroticism. You like to come to work extremely prepared. You probably wake up early too. You believe self-discipline, attention to detail, and professionalism are traits to be admired.

Arrives 5 Minutes Early. You like to get a good parking spot and you’re not too concerned about the possibility of being a few minutes late… it’s not a big deal! You’re a flexible nurse and you can roll with the punches.

Often Late. You either are very confident, and for some reason nobody has fired you, or reprimanded you. You might be likeable, or you might be a really good nurse. If not, you might have some time management issues to take care of. Take care of them!

4. Organizational Tools

Your Own Custom-Made Solution. You went home and created your own piece of paper with all the stuff you’ll ever need to keep track of, marked in neatly arranged boxes, lines, and checklists. You are a stickler for detail, by-the-book nursing, and preparedness!

Your Unit Census Sheet/Scratch Paper. You don’t need anything fancy. You get a packet of paper when you arrive, why not use it? It looks like a mad scientist’s scrawl by the end of the shift, and into the shredder it goes. It works!

Your Phone. You have an app that helps you keep track of things. Alarms are set, notes are saved, and everything can be looked up on the go. You like technology, you embrace change, and may be in the younger generation of nurses.

Kevin Pan wears his badge on his chest, wears a gray scrub uniform, arrives about 5 minutes early, and uses his unit’s census sheet to stay organized. He also created Kevin’s Review, a website dedicated to helping people choose the best NCLEX Review. Tell us your results and whether you think they reveal something about yourself!


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