40 Things Nurses Hate

Story---Nurse-Puzzle-7-2016-484x252-PNGNurses are not generally hateful people, and perhaps that is a strong word to use. However, there are things that make nurses angry and get their ire up.

This could cause them to hate certain aspects of their jobs, but it is important to remember that hating a piece doesn’t mean you hate the whole. Let’s face it: nursing can be frustrating.

Here are the top 40 things that frustrate nurses to no end. If you see yourself in them, it isn’t surprising. If not, leave a few of your most irritating work scenarios in the comments. We would love to hear them!

1. Being called to work when they are on vacation

2. Mandatory overtime

3. A misplaced bedpan

4. Over-bed tables that won’t move easily

5. Completely dry maintenance fluid bags

6. The sound of multiple call bells going off at once

7. The sight of your manager coming down the hall

8. Admissions

9. Discharges at 1900

10. Deciphering doctor’s handwriting

11. Patients going bad at the end of the shift

12. Nursing students who stand around in the corridor

13. The stethoscopes in isolation rooms

14. Eight people in a patient’s room, having a party

15 Patients setting their alarm for pain medications

16. Cluttered patient rooms and nursing stations

17. Overflowing garbage cans, linen containers, and sharps

18. Not having medications when you need them

19. Incorrect narcotics counts

20. Working when your family is out having fun

21. Sterile gloves that won’t cooperate

22. Placing a Foley and missing

23. Bedside reporting

24. Lack of supplies in the clean utility room

25. Mandatory staff meetings held at noon when you work night shift

26. Getting called into the manager’s office

27. Trying to decide when to call a code or rapid response

28. When a patient spills his urinal all over himself

29. When a patient falls and gets severely hurt

30. When dysphagic patients eat and drink normal foods, then choke

31. A call light that comes on right after you leave the room

32. Twelve family members calling for an update on the same patient

33. Doctors who spend very little time with their patients

34. Paper charting

35. Some computer charting systems

36. When radiology asks for a 18 gauge IV in the AC of a 90 year old

37. Trying for an IV twice and missing both times

38. Interns who are know-it-alls

39. Blown IVs that should have been noticed on the shift before

40. Coworkers who refuse to help when their work is done

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