40 thoughts in a Nurse’s head during a shift

Stories - Quote BubbleMillions of thoughts run through a nurse’s head during their regularly scheduled shift. It would be difficult to record them all because they tumble over each other.

Some thoughts, though, are more prevalent than others. Almost all nurses have had these thoughts at one point or another, and they usually lead to action.

If you are a nurse, you may recognize some of the thoughts listed here. You may have thoughts that are connected with your specialty, and it would be great to see some of them in the comments!

  1. Why did that patient’s blood pressure drop?
  2. Did I remember to check that drain before I left the room?
  3. Am I going to be okay?
  4. I wish that family wouldn’t be so loud.
  5. How did this patient get so sick if the family is so concerned about their care?
  6. I wish I could stop this patient’s suffering.
  7. Do they really need this pain medicine or are they tricking me?
  8. I hope the computer system doesn’t go down. I hate hand charting.
  9. Why hasn’t pharmacy sent me my meds?
  10. How could the narcotics count possibly be off?
  11. I am definitely not picking up an extra shift.
  12. I don’t get paid enough for this.
  13. Should I call for a rapid response or can I handle this?
  14. What is causing the patient to act this way?
  15. I need to get my charting done ASAP!
  16. It would be great if I could pass meds at the times I want.
  17. I love this patient, but I really have to get going.
  18. I miss my family. I wonder what they are doing.
  19. Oh, God, night shift!
  20. Oh, God, day shift!
  21. Wow, when all the bells are going off, it sure looks festive.
  22. Where did I put my report sheets?
  23. I’m so hungry.
  24. I have to pee so bad, but this patient needs their meds.
  25. I wish I had a nursing assistant tonight.
  26. I hate collecting sputum.
  27. I can’t believe that patient fell right after I left the room.
  28. Why is my coworker always asking for help when I can’t even breathe?
  29. We are short staffed . . . again.
  30. Why can’t I have the same assignment two days in a row?
  31. I’m going to try to get that IV in so I don’t have to wait for help.
  32. I need someone to help me pull this patient up in bed, and I can’t find anyone.
  33. Where is the mechanical lift?
  34. My back, feet, and legs are killing me.
  35. Why don’t we have more chairs at the nurse’s station?
  36. Where the hell did I put my pen?
  37. Great! All of my patients are under some form of contact precautions.
  38. I hate calling that doctor at night. He’s nasty.
  39. I can do this. I’ve done it before, and I can do it today.
  40. Is it over yet?

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