48 ways for a nurse to leave a shift happy

Being a nurse is not the easiest on your body.

There’s a lot of negative things that can go wrong on your shift.

But on the other side here’s a list of things that can happen to help a nurse leave a shift happy

1.Your feet don’t hurt.

2. All of your charting is done by the time you are supposed to leave.

3. The patient who was circling the drain didn’t end up dying.

4. A patient said “Thank you. I appreciate all you do.”

5. You manage to sneak out before seeing your manager.

6. The computers didn’t go down.

7. None of your patients required an IV change.

8. No one had a change of rhythm during the shift.

9. You didn’t get even one admission.

10. The doctor didn’t tear your head off when you called in the middle of the night.

11. You noticed a bad vital sign, hopped on that sucker, and got the patient the care they needed.

12. You didn’t have to wait three hours for housekeeping to clean up that vomit on the floor.

13. Your coworkers pitched in to help.

14. Your back didn’t hurt.

15. You managed to lift a heavy patient with proper body mechanics.

16. No one interrupted you during your med pass.

17. You spent time in a patient’s room talking to them about their history and family.

18. No one spewed bodily fluids on you.

19. None of your patients were under contact precautions.

20. You got to help a coworker who was drowning under an impossible assignment.

21. You managed to get an IV started yourself.

22. You completely rocked that dressing change, complete with wound vac.

23. You got to have a lunch and took a pee in the middle of your shift.

24. Those who asked for pain medicine actually seemed to be in pain.

25. Your little old guy patient told you a joke that wasn’t remotely funny, but was very cute.

26. Your manager decides to treat the floor by buying pizza.

27. The coffee is hot and plentiful.

28. You are off for the next four days.

29. No one asked you to stay over extra.

30. You didn’t get pulled.

31. Census is low, and it was your turn to go home.

32. No one called off sick.

33. Your assignment was less than eight patients.

34. No one required coverage at the routine blood sugar check time.

35. The stethoscope in the contact precautions room actually allowed you to hear breath sounds.

36. Someone borrowed your bandage scissors and returned them.

37. You had a one on one sitter for your Alzheimer’s patient who kept climbing out of bed.

38. You have a whole weekend off to look forward to when you are done with your shift.

39. You don’t have to work the holiday this time.

40. Your hands don’t hurt when you scrub them after your shift.

41. You didn’t lose the narcotics key at some point during your shift.

42. Some of your friends have decided to go to the bar when the shift is over.

43. You know your kids will be awake when you go home.

44. It’s payday!

45. No one stole your lunch from the break room refrigerator.

46. You are allowed to decorate the floor for the holiday season.

47. You got through the shift without any crises.

48. The patients you took care of are in the same condition they were at the beginning of the shift.


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