5 ways nursing is a career like no other

When you went into nursing, you may have known you were getting into a career that was just a little different. What you probably didn’t realize was that nursing is really a career that is like no other one out there.

Sometimes, it is funny the things we are asked to do in our line of work; sometimes it is sad or frustrating. Either way, nursing is a unique animal. Here is a look at some of the ways nursing breaks the mold.

You get to see a lot of people naked

Most people barely see themselves and their family naked, but nurses see everyone naked. Either the gown flaps open, and you get a view of the rear side, or you are cleaning up a patient, and you get a very close view of the front side.

No matter how you slice it, nurses know the human body pretty well because of this, and nudity is usually not something that makes us embarrassed any more.

You can handle bodily fluids without batting an eye

Feces, urine, blood, vomit, sputum: these are not a few of our favorite things, but we deal with them anyway. Where others may cringe, we clean them up, so our patients are not in a mess.

Nursing is like no other job because we often take these bodily fluids and box them up for the lab to look at. Not only do we clean and sanitize them, we actually collect them. Other people would just gag.

You can type notes, talk to a coworker, and watch a monitor at the same time

Okay, multitasking is dangerous, and you really shouldn’t do it. If you multitask while you are doing a med pass, you can cause a serious error.

However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t, unfortunately. There is so much for a nurse to do that it is hard NOT to multitask.

Nursing requires a higher level of multitasking than most other professions because of the amount of work asked of the nurse. It is dangerous, but most nurses will reluctantly agree that it is part of their workflow.

You run toward problems other people would run away from

People are vomiting, and you run toward it. People are bleeding profusely, and you run toward it. People are dying, and you run toward it. You do realize that most sane people would run away from these things, right?

When someone gets sick, other people split. As a nurse, though, you run toward the problem and try to fix it. That is part of what makes nursing like no other profession.

You save lives . . . ‘nuff said

Nurses save lives. Other professions may save lives, but not the way nurses do. We are there at the bedside – all the time.

When a patient gets sick, who starts the code, who begins ACLS, who helps save the lives? Nurses do.

‘Nuff said.

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