6 places to find nursing jobs

Stories - Theme Nursing JobsNow that you have your resume prepared, you have to know where to send it.

With the advent of the internet, that is easier now than ever.

In some ways, though, it is also harder.

So many people are out there looking for a job as a nurse and the competition can be stiff.

If you are looking for a job, here are a few places where you can send your polished resume. Some are medically oriented, but all are places where a lead may be found.


Although newspapers seems like a world away from the internet, many traditional businesses still turn to the want ads to search for likely candidates. You can easily pick up a paper and see if any nursing jobs are there.

However, you can also search the classifieds on the internet to narrow your search and make it quick. Another tip is to check the paper on Sunday, as that’s when the most ads for jobs are placed in newspapers.


Craigslist isn’t just a big garage sale site. You can actually find job leads on it if you look closely enough.

You need to narrow your search to as far as you are willing to travel, and you need to check the section that is for medical jobs. Although this may seem like a long shot, many companies are now turning to this to find candidates because it is free, online, and searchable.


Indeed is another place where you can find a listing of jobs, mostly in your area. While this is a great site for jobs, you may find that most of them are through headhunting companies.

Going with a service isn’t necessarily bad, but know what you are getting into. If you are a new grad, you may not be able to go into home health or travel nursing immediately, and this is what these headhunters are looking for.


Like Indeed, Monster is a large site for job hunters. You may have more luck on this site if you are looking to relocate, but sometimes local companies place ads in this venue.

Don’t be discouraged with either of these online mega-sites. You may have to look for weeks before you find something suitable, apply, and wait for them to reply. Don’t give up on them.


LinkedIn is one of the social media sites that’s never talked about, but it is a powerful tool for job hunters. Your profile is your resume, and there are several ways you can interact with hospital and medical professionals.

One way is to direct contact people at your targeted company, although this can be expensive as you need to buy a LinkedIn full membership. Another way is to join RN groups, become friends with as many nurses as possible, and always keep your eyes open for job postings in these groups.

Door to Door

When all else fails, you can contact the facilities in your neighborhood and ask if there are any openings. You may be able to put in an application that they can keep on file.

This isn’t the most productive way to find a job, but sometimes you can make a connection with an HR representative. If you follow up periodically, you just may end up striking gold by being in the right place at the right time.

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