6 Ways nursing makes you an awesome parent

Nursing skills go hand in hand with parenting skills. It’s just the truth. Let’s see how!

1.     Olfactory Immunity. This is a fancy way of saying, “Pee and Poo may bother you, but those smells will never faze me.” (Yes, that’s an original – call me a literary genius). After you’ve been through c.diff, GI bleeds, and plenty of diarrhea, baby poop seems clean and fresh in comparison.

2.     Internal Volume-control. Nurses can tune out background noises better than anyone, yet recognize important ones. At work, we have to focus on important tasks while machines beep, bells ring, people talk, and a myriad of other wonderful noises. That skill is useful at home. Kids making noise while you read? Turn that sound down.

3.     Handling Priorities. Priorities, priorities, priorities. It’s been drilled and grilled into our heads since nursing school and the NCLEX. Hey, guess what? Setting priorities is a life skill. So is critical thinking. Nurses know how to ask why, make decisions after proper investigation, and quickly figure out what’s the important next step. Nurses – they’re super-moms (and super-dads!)

4.     Controlling your Hulk. Have you ever had days where you just wanted to go nuts on a patient, co-worker, or boss? There are stressful moments after stressful moments in nursing. Nurses have to keep their cool amongst insults, fatigue, and all sorts of other unpleasantry all day. We know how to handle ourselves, and we know how to handle our kids.

5.     Natural Advocates. Here’s another nursing school buzzword. Advocate. Nurses are advocates for patients. We shouldn’t be afraid to stand up to doctors, managers, or family members for our patients. That’s why we’re grizzly bears of parents. I pity the teacher, babysitter, or schoolyard bully who gets on the bad side of a nurse parental unit.

6.     We Know Health! This one’s obvious. Nurses know healthcare! No matter what specialty you’re in, everyone learned in nursing school how to handle basic health situations and emergencies. We’re all CPR trained, and there’s nobody better to have around in a pinch. That’s a real sense of security for everyone in the family. Not to mention all the best practices, hygiene standards, and health-promotion we know.

What are some ways nursing has made you a better parent? Let us know by commenting.

Kevin is the owner of Kevin’s Review, which lists out and ranks the best NCLEX courses and NCLEX books.

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