6 ways to modernize your nursing resume

Stories -  Laptop copyTimes are changing – and so are expectations when it comes to the job search. As technology and design evolves, how can you make sure your resume stands out amongst others?

Here are ways you can make your resume look eye-popping and modern, yet maintain professionalism.

1. Put A Picture In Your Resume

The main goals of a resume is to make you stand out amongst a pile of applicants. What better way to do it than to include a picture? A small picture of your face will make a bigger impression than a pageful of words – guaranteed.

2. A Link to your LinkedIn Profile

A link to social media? This is definitely not something that would’ve been included on a resume a few years ago. However, if you’ve put a little time and effort into building a complete profile on a business networking site like LinkedIn, it can really make you stand out. Employers can see endorsements of your skills from your connections – a way to cement your involvement in your work and add another dimension to the traditional ‘reference.’

Not only that, but it will show your future boss that you are tech-savvy enough to build a

LinkedIn profile – always useful in the nursing of today, where software and tech is replacing paper and pen.

3. A Distinct Description 

Many people don’t put a narrative description of themselves on their resume. They plow right into the job history, education, skills etc. It’s absolutely essential, however, to preface all that with a well-summed-up, 1-2 sentence introduction. Think about it – would you enter a conversation without introducing yourself and going right into the nitty gritty details? How silly would that sound?

Don’t focus too much on the content of the introduction, but the attitude, mood, and emotion you project. Think of a real life introduction. We don’t say “Good morning! My name is Kevin, nice to meet you!” to exchange lots of information – we do it to establish the tone of the conversation.

4. PDF

If you are sending your resume electronically, consider how the end user (your job screener or future employer) will see it. One of the safest ways to preserve the design, look, and feel of your resume is to convert it to a PDF. Word documents can often have formatting problems across versions of readers and computers. If you have the choice – convert to PDF. You can do this from Word, or most any document writer you are using.

5. Space

When I was taught resume-building in nursing school, I was encouraged to eliminate all empty space and squeeze as much as I could onto 1 or 2 pages. Not the kind of resume I would like to read. Use space to your advantage. Make sure your resume is pleasant to read. Take a good hard look at your resume. Do you have the urge to skim over words? Or is it easy to digest? Tweak spacing to make things easier on the eyes, or use a template included with your document writer.

6. Color

If you’re printing a color resume on black and white paper, you are doing yourself a disservice. It costs only a few dollars to get a few color copies of your resume printed out at a printing store – yet will bring your resume to life. This all goes hand in hand with using space and a headshot – used in combination, it will make you and your resume look well-thought-out, energized, and effective.

Kevin is an RN and has recently been on the job hunt with a modern resume in hand. He wishes you great luck on your job search too!

Kevin Pan is an RN and he is now the President of Brilliant Nurse, a fresh approach at NCLEX Prep.

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