6 Ways to show nurses appreciation

For all the complaining and griping about how unappreciated, underpaid, and overworked we are, nurses are actually amongst the most highly-regarded and trusted professions, ranking higher than even military personnel, doctors, and teachers. (Gallup)

People look up to nurses. They know we care, and they know that we work hard. Here are the best ways that both patients and fellow nurses can show appreciation!

1.     Say Thank You. Let’s start with the fundamentals. We will never get tired of hearing those two words. Never! Whether it comes from patients, other nurses, or other healthcare staff, a sincere thank you is the easiest way to really make our day go better.

2.     Write a Note. While saying thank you is great, sometimes there’s just too much to say in too little time. Patients can write a note to their nurse, or to the unit where they stayed. Don’t be afraid to name names on a thank you note. Notes from patients are valuable mementos that often get posted on bulletin boards, break rooms, and nurses stations. It’s totally worth it!

3.     Share some Food. Words are words, but sometimes there’s nothing like some treats. We love appreciation by food. Sometimes we’re so busy we don’t really have the time to sit down and have a proper meal. We instead grab something quickly and eat on the go. Bringing something snacky and healthy is one of the best things you can do to help a nurse out!

4.     Supervisor Shoutout. This one’s for both patients and nurses. Have you seen a nurse or fellow nurse do something great? Or just really appreciate the constant work they’ve done? Here’s a way to really help them out. Ask around the unit, if you don’t already know, who’s the supervisor around here. The unit director. The head honcho. Find their office number or some way to contact them. When you find out, tell them how helpful this nurse is.

5.     Help us Help You. This is a simple, passive, but immensely helpful way to show appreciation. In a nutshell, don’t make our job harder than it needs to be. Don’t make a mess needlessly. If we give you an instruction, follow it! If we ask you to stay in bed, there’s a good reason. If we ask you to leave the room, please don’t give us a hard time. Trust me, nurses do appreciate when people listen to them.

6.     A Thank You Board. This is for you managers out there. Otherwise, make a suggestion for your unit! Have a bulletin board or jar where nurses and staff can thank each other and post/announce it for everyone to see. Being recognized is the greatest thing ever, and without an easy way to do it, we often forget. Don’t let that happen!

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What are some other ways you like to be recognized for your work? Let us know in the comments! Kevin is the owner of Kevin’s Review and co-founder of Brilliant Nurse.


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