7 Golden opportunities for you to return to school

nursing_signWhen is the last time you’ve thought about going back to school? Have you thought about what’s stopping you? Have you thought about it at all? It’s never too late, no matter how long you’ve been a nurse. Here are 8 great opportunities to spur yourself into action!

1.     Your Kids are Grown. Could this be the perfect time to go back to school? Some would argue yes, some otherwise. They’re now old enough to not need you to hold their hands through life, freeing you to pursue your career.

2.     Paid off your House or Car. This is a big one. Have you finally been able to pay off your house? Or a car? It’s a huge relief financially. Maybe it’s a great time to start investing into your higher education.

3.     Hit the 2-year mark. If you work at a hospital or nursing home, they often start offering tuition reimbursement to employees after 1-2 years of employment. Have you hit that mark? That could be a good motivator to get back in the books.

4.     Your High School Reunion is Coming Up. I’m half-joking with this one. It seems like a silly reason to go back to school. But is any reason a silly reason to make forward progress? If anything, it can be a nice motivation to be able to show up with a few more letters after your name.

5.     You’ve Mastered the Trade. Do you feel like you’ve got your job down to a science? You go into work, know exactly what to do, handle situations like a pro, and have gained a lot of experience. All that experience can be put to good use to get you into a Master’s degree program.

6.     You Got Laid Off. This seems counter-intuitive…you lost your job, now you’re spending more money to go to school? Think about this: when else are you going to have all this free time on your hands? Losing your job can be earth-shattering, but you can pivot it to your advantage. Utilize government subsidies, grants, and loans to support yourself while you go to school, knowing it’ll pay off later.

7.     You’ve found your Passion. Do you know for a fact that you love nursing? Have you found a specialty that you can really see yourself doing for a long time? Have you realized you’ve found your passion? Nothing should stop you from learning and earning more, doing what you’re passionate about.

8.     Make an Opportunity. Sometimes, you have to make your own opportunity. There’s always a way. Maybe you just meant to ‘take a break’ from school, but never got a chance to go back. Maybe you’ve never even given it a thought. However, with a resourceful attitude, good time management, and sound financial planning, going to school is a possibility for anyone.

Kevin is the owner of Kevin’s Review, a review site for NCLEX classes and NCLEX Review Books.

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