7 Great professions nurses work with

Stories - Diagnosis StethoscopeMighty Nurse is all about nurses (duh!). But let’s give a shout-out to all the other members of the healthcare team that nurses work with on a day-to-day basis! We don’t always get along – and we often stereotype each other – but in the end we’re all working toward the same goal: caring for the patients.

1.     Doctors – Often portrayed as villainous, pompous, nurse-haters, most doctors I meet are actually very amiable. There’s nothing like a good working relationship between a nurse and doctor – it just makes everything flow so smoothly!

2.     Respiratory Therapists – I’m thankful to these people. Any nurse who works with trach and ventilator patients will agree. RT’s are lifesavers, literally! It’s always just a bit ironic when you meet one who smokes cigarettes, though.

3.     Physical and Occupational Therapists – You know when you were starting in nursing school and virtually half the time during clinicals consisted of helping patients ambulate the hallway? Unfortunately, in real life – ain’t nobody got time for that! Except for the physical and occupational therapists. Thank you!

4.     Imaging Personnel – Imaging technicians and transporters. Without them, we’d be the ones getting irradiated on a day to day basis! Just kidding, and I’m hoping that’s not the case. Without them, we’d have no CTs, X-rays, MRIs, or any of the stuff we diagnose people with! Laying eyes and hands on a patient can only do so much: the rest is diagnostics.

5.     Phlebotomy/Lab – You think patients give us a hard time? What if you were the person going patient to patient and your sole job was to stick people with needles? That’s what phlebotomists do. I appreciate them, but I wouldn’t want to be them.

6.     Social Workers/Case Managers – So who takes care of the patient after they leave our care? It’s not us. Some patients need someone to help them through the system, improve their home environment, and access resources in the community. We make the patients healthy – Social Workers and Case Managers help them live their lives.

7.     Security –  What would we do without them? I don’t want to imagine it. They are our safety net. Sure, most of the time they seem like they don’t have much to do besides supervise the Lost and Found, but when the pinch comes, I’m yelling ‘Security!’

Who are other members of the health care team that you appreciate? I know there are more (I’m not even pretending this is a complete list). Let us know and share your comments with the team members you appreciate!

Kevin is an RN. Kevin’s latest project is Brilliant Nurse, a modern NCLEX prep destination that offers free NCLEX Questions and more.


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