8 Inventions that nurses wish existed

Alright, any nurse inventors, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. Here are 8 inventions that would rock the nursing world. Here you go.

1.     Tape-proof Gloves Tape and gloves. I don’t know if this problem ever will or if it can ever be solved. It’s such a minor problem but a major irritation! Maybe gloves in the future can have non-stick fingertips? That’d be cool.

2.     Pulse Oximetry Lie Detectors This one is great. We’re already measuring their pulse and it’s already on their finger. What if we just add some lie detecting software to our pulse ox machines? Sneaky Nurse: “Here, let me just check your oxygen while I ask you some questions.”

3.     Needleless IVs and Vein Access Is there any way to get blood out of the body without needles (or anything that hurts and is unpleasant)? I bet in the future there will be. Being able to push medications intravenously is a different ballgame, but painless blood draws? Sounds like it could be done if some heads were put together.

4.     Medication Barcodes and Scanners Have you ever wished you had to drag a cart and computer around everywhere you go? Have you ever wished you could scan all your medications like a mobile self-checkout booth? Wait…nobody wished for this. It was pushed onto us. Ah, progress.

5.     Handwriting Analyzers This is probably wishful thinking, but what if something could decipher the scribbles written all over nurses notes, doctor’s notes, everyone’s notes? It would probably take millions of dollars to build a gadget that could do that. When all we really need to do is slow down and just write nicely.

6.     Hypnotizing Stethoscopes Ever have a patient that won’t go to sleep? Can’t relax? Just won’t follow instructions? Get your alternative medicine CEU and a hypnotization stethoscope. It would probably have a swirly holographic design that, through a cool optical illusion, spins when you sway your stethoscope like a pendulum.

7.     Hand Sanitizer and Lotion in One Dry hands. Everyone complains of it. Why can’t we come up with a hand sanitizer that also moisturizes your skin? There has to be something besides alcohol-based antibacterials out there!

8.     Pens You Can’t Lose This one’s probably not just for nurses. Everyone needs this. Get a special pen. Have an electronic clippy thing clipped to your scrubs. When the pen leaves a certain radius of your clippy thing, your clippy thing beeps. It can even have a ‘snooze’ button if you have to leave your pen to attend to an emergency. End result: you never lose your pen. Plus, you can get a really nice pen, since you know you’ll never lose it.

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