8 reasons why I’d rather be a Nurse than a Doctor

medical-cross-icons-with-bgA lot of people think being a doctor is the gold standard in healthcare. It very well might be. But what are the costs? Here are 8 reasons I’d much rather be a nurse!

1. The Pay Is Proportional To The Amount Of Schooling. As a nurse, you can go to school for 2 years and start off making 50k. Multiply both of those numbers by 6 and you get 12 years of schooling, making about 300k. See? Roughly proportional. You just go to school 6 times longer for 6 times the income.

2. You Get No Respect Either Way. I’ve seen many a doctor get dumped on… by patients, by administration, and by other doctors. In many facilities, doctors are just another employee. Maybe in the 50’s doctors were gods, but that golden age is over.

3. It’s Stressful Either Way. You think you have a lot of patients? Doctors have more. Often, doctors have patients in different hospitals, separate offices they need to go to, and of course all the pages and calls they have to receive on a daily basis. Goodbye work-life balance!

4. Doctors Are Twice As Likely To Commit Suicide. According to Medscape doctors are twice as likely to take their own lives as the general population. Female doctors actually are 4 times as likely as the general population. That has to speak volumes about the stressors doctors must face.

5. You Can Still Wear A Lab Coat And Stethoscope If You Want. Yep… just be a Nurse Practitioner! Or a Nursing Manager. Or just put it on when nobody’s looking.

6. Nursing Allows Easier Entry To The Workplace. Switching careers? No problem – three years tops and you can get to work. Have a family? Want a family? Can do. No stressful University applications, no high-stakes pre-entrance exams, and a nursing school in every Community College makes it very easy to become a nurse AND get proportional pay (see #1).

7. Way Less Liability Is On Your Head. Nurses don’t need malpractice insurance. Doctors do. Statistically, almost all doctors (with the possible exception of some psychiatrists) will get sued at least once in their career. Think about it… someone is calling into question your competence in the court of law. Lawyers, judges, hospital personnel are all involved. It’s not a cakewalk.

8. Your Older Patients Will Think You’re Their Doctor Anyways. And sometimes it’s easier not to correct them, having to explain how being a nurse and a doctor is like comparing apples and oranges. Maybe you can just show them a copy of this article, instead!

Kevin, the author of this story, does not own a white lab coat for his personal enjoyment! He does own Kevin’s Review, a website to help students find and review the best NCLEX courses.

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