8 Things That Will (Probably) Go Wrong When a Nurse is the Patient

Story---Scrubbed-Nurse-6-2016-484x252-PNGI was recently hospitalized for appendicitis, and while I was recovering sans appendix, I realized that nurses really don’t make the best patients…as if that’s something we all didn’t already know!

1. They will have to be poked more than once for their IV. There seriously must be some kind of law about this. If a nurse is the patient, they will more than likely be a hard stick.

2. Someone will be rude. Maybe nurses are just super observant, but more than likely someone will be rude to them, and they will not be afraid to voice their displeasure.

3. Anything that can happen, will. If something can happen, it probably will if a nurse is the patient. It’s Murphy’s Law or something. Think of the most obscure, barely-relevant complication, and THAT will be the complication they have. Been there, done that.

4. Their IV will infiltrate. Speaking of getting poked more than once, one of those times will be because the IV infiltrated. Does anyone have another 18 gauge on them?

5. Dietary will mess up their food order. It will most likely never be correct, or complete, for that matter.

6. They may have an allergic reaction. Even if they swear they’ve had the medication 100 times before, their body will decide to have an allergic reaction to the time the medication is administered in the hospital. Just pray the reaction isn’t anaphylactic shock…

7. There might be a medical error. When a nurse is the patient, many things can happen, and it just might be a medical error. Hopefully it won’t be a bad one, because they will probably be the ones to catch it.

8. There hopefully won’t be a sentinel event. The worst of the worst adverse events, if it happens, it will more than likely happen to someone in the healthcare field. It sucks, but it’s so true! So if you’re a nurse—-try not to get sick and try your hardest to stay out of the hospital!

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