9 Reasons Why Nurses Argue at Home

Being a Nurse can be stressful. Make sure to thank your loved ones and let them know that you appreciate their support.

1. We are tired. It goes without saying, but after working 12, 13, 14+ hour shifts, when we come home, we’re exhausted. We just want to lie around, take a bath, or go to bed. Or drink some wine.

2. We’ve spent 12 hours trying to please people. If this doesn’t sound like a lot of work, you’ve obviously never tried to do it. Trying to please our patients, our managers, our providers, and our co-workers can be hard work! When we get home, we just don’t care as much about pleasing people.

3. We’ve been asked to do at least 1,000 tasks during our shift. Literally, we are asked to do 1,000 tasks (probably a lot more!) during one shift. We need to hang an antibiotic? Is there tubing? I need to get tubing. Let me assess their IV site while I’m at it. You’d like another pillow? I can hunt one down for you, or die trying to find you one. You haven’t received your dietary tray? I can call dietary for you. You’re in pain? It’s not time for your pain medication. Can I do something to make you more comfortable while I page your doctor to see if there’s anything else he can order?… You get the idea.

4. We deal with a lot of crazy. We care for all sorts of patients, we work with all sorts of people, and depending on what day it is, our managers may be all sorts of something. When we get home, we have zero tolerance. Do not act crazy in front of a nurse, at home or at the end of their shift. It will not end well.

5. We want to stop working. Is that too much to ask? We just want to come home and do nothing. Like… feed yourself and wash your own clothes.

6. We want to be left alone. People all day long ask for a variety of things. People are constantly talking to us, giving us orders, or requests. Just.stop.talking.

7. We want someone to take care of us. For the love of God, just go get me something! Bring me my Get me another pillow. Let me ask you for a lot of different things and see how fast you can accommodate me.

8. We’ve tended to everyone else’s needs all day. Every moment of every shift, we’re thinking of other people. We are so concerned about everyone else, we don’t really want to come home and have to deal with all of their needs as well!

9. We want a chance to say what’s really on our mind. I’m just keeping it real, but allllll day long the stuff that comes out of our mouths is different from the thoughts running around in our head. We can’t always tell patient’s what we really think. We can’t always tell our managers how we really feel. We can’t always tell our coworkers how they make us feel. So when we get home, it’s like a game of how-honest-can-we-be, and that’s not always a good thing

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