A Nurse’s Vow to Her Patients

graphic_5-easy-steps-to-a-healthier-nurseA nurse devotes his or her life to the care, comfort, and education of each and every patient. Whether working at the bedside, through public outreach, or rallying to change laws to benefit the sick, it is a nurse’s duty to protect. It is our intention to do no harm, ease our patient’s pain and suffering as much as possible, and see that our patient remains informed under our care. How? By making a commitment to uphold the highest standards in our practice. The following is this nurse’s vow to her patients:

I vow to come to work rested, prepared, and free from illness. I will leave behind any personal turmoil.

I vow to take my time when receiving report to assure that I do not miss any important piece of information regarding your care. I will take time preparing your medications. I will take my time when finding the perfect vein for your IV.

I vow to thoroughly clean my hands before and after each patient contact. I will follow carefully the strictest sterile technique when warranted.

I vow to remain informed and inform you with only the most relevant information. I will keep you informed on and involved in any changes in your plan of care.

I vow to watch you with diligence for any subtle changes in your status. I will always err on the side of caution when you are in my care. I will do my best to keep you as comfortable and pain free as possible.

Being a nurse is a huge honor with which comes huge responsibility. Through the years it can be difficult to maintain the high standard of care that is expected when rushed, stressed, or understaffed. All we can do is our very best. Ask for help when needed, slow down, and vow to offer the very best of care to each and every patient.

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