A Significant Other’s Guide to Loving a Nurse

Story---Heart-Icons-2-2016-484x252-PNGIt is sometimes difficult to love a nurse. If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a nurse, though, you usually find a caring, passionate, take charge person who will be there for you.

As a significant other of a nurse, there are a few things you should know to make the relationship easier. If you are a nurse reading this, it may help to either give this to your significant other or at least tell them the ideas learned here.

Nurses need a certain amount of care and feeding, and it is not often like having relationships with other people. With kindness, patience, and some understanding, though, you can find yourself with a partner who will be the best one you’ve ever had.

Be Patient

Nurses work long hours; they come home tired. Nurses are often stressed; sometimes they can’t even begin to relate what they’ve been through.

This can be frustrating for someone who is in a relationship with a nurse, but the best way to deal with this is to be patient. Long hours are part of the job, and those hours would make anyone tired.

The stresses a nurse endures are sometimes so overwhelming that they are unspeakable, and patience is the only way to help your loved one through this. If they are not at home, if they need to sleep, if they are quiet and withdrawn, understand that their job weighs heavily on them.

Listen, but Don’t Pretend to Know

Part of being patient means listening to what your loved one has to say. These stressful situations need to come out somehow, and nurses often vent to their significant others.

This is an important part of your function as a loved one of a nurse. Listen to what they have gone through, but don’t pretend to know what they have gone through.

Only nurses really know what it is like to have eight patients on one assignment, but listen anyway. Hold your loved one and just listen with unconditional love, but don’t try to offer solutions.

Your solutions may not necessarily help, but listening will. You may never know what’s going on in that facility, but your listening will help your nurse know that you care.

Sleep, Wine, and Coffee

They have become jokes among nurses, but sleep, wine, and coffee are the staples of nursing life. Nurses need sleep because we get so little, so please help us get as much as you possibly can.

Coffee is important because we need to be awake and vital for our shifts. Make us coffee, buy us coffee, and consider getting us that Keurig that we’ve had our eye on for the past few months.

Finally, wine is a special relaxer, and it is nice to come home to some wine at the end of a long shift. Now, this can be done to excess, so keep it in moderation.

However, wine can be used to settle down, ease the pain and stress of the day, and open up about what happened during the shift. These three things can really go a long way toward solidifying a relationship with a nurse.

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