A Thank You from One Nurse to Another

story-nurse-clipboard-pills-pattern-1fa49c-12-2016-484x252-pngAnother year has passed! As I am one of the few nurses fortunate enough to have spent the holidays with friends and family, I take this time to reflect on worked holidays in the past and send a huge thank you to those of you who spent part or all of your day at your patient’s bedside.

Thank you for Your Time

Thank you for the time you give serving your patients. Remember, they may not have the good fortune or health to return home and spend time with their loved ones. For many, their final moments are spent in your care.

Thank you for Your Patience

Thank you for being patient with even the most difficult of patients at this time. The last place someone wants to be during the holidays is in a hospital bed. Remember that when your patient or their family member becomes unruly.

Thank you for Your Attention

Thank you for leaving your troubles at the door and focusing on the well being of those in your care. It can be challenging when we are going through something difficult in our own lives. Thank you for trying.

Thank you for Your Consideration

Thank you for that little extra measure you took for your patient. Perhaps it was that extra pillow they needed for a better night’s sleep or just an attentive ear. Your patient or patient’s family member will never forget your kindness.

Thank you for Your Empathy 

Thank you for remembering today and every day that the patient and their family could be your loved one and family. Thank you for caring for them as if they were your own.

For any that worked the holidays, treat yourself in some way. Plan a day trip to your favorite city. Get a massage. Indulge a little in the post-holiday sales. Thank you for keeping the sick comfortable, nourished, and supported. You are the unsung heroes, guardian angels of the holidays.

Lori is a travel nurse that has made her way to Sweden. She is also a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher. Follow her adventures working and traveling through Europe in her blog, Neonurse, or on Instagram.

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