A true nursing heart

nursing communityFrom the time I was little, my father had been sick.

As a child, I had gone numerous times to say “goodbye” to him believing it to be my last moments with him.

Through his strength and pure will to live, he survived longer than anyone, even his doctors, had thought he would.

He was able to be brought home provided skilled nursing to assist with his care.

I watched him endure surgery after surgery, doctor after doctor, with no answers as to what was ailing him.

We had wonderful nurses who assisted with his care over the years.

It wasn’t until 15 years after his illness started that we finally knew.

It was a nurse who came to our home who pointed us in the right direction.

“Compassion and a listening ear comes from a true nurses heart.”

He had a rare form of muscular dystrophy and obviously no cure in site.

I knew at that moment being a nurse was my path on life.

We had wonderful nurses and terrible nurses.

I knew I needed to help my father and provide the skilled care he required along side those terrific nurses.

Always a helping hand

My father helped care for me and my son while I went through nursing school.

He survived long enough for me to graduate and get my license as an LPN.

I held his hand along with his nurse as he passed away.

The compassion those nurses had was what helped me to continue with my journey to help others and not let my fathers death detour me from it.

School teaches you many things, but not how to support and guide the family who suffers right along with the patient.

Compassion and a listening ear comes from a true nurses heart.

Thank you to all the nurses who give all they have to each and every patient and their families.

We wouldn’t be able to get through it all without each of you.

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