A victim of nurse bullying

I graduated nursing school last year and got my first job in a methadone clinic. I was very excited about the position but as soon as I started my boss started to bully me.

Then the other nurses did too. I became withdrawn, severely depressed, I would break down and cry every day after work..it was a nightmare!

But I didn’t quit, however as I was doing pt intakes for 2 hours one day, there was suddenly over 200 mgs of methadone missing out of my bottle!

No investigation, no drug tests were done, I was fired the next day.

They stated I had too many dosing errors, yet had allowed me to independently dose over 400 pts the same day they fired me. Hmmm….

A nervous breakdown, 30 pound weight loss, two suicide attempts and a lot of hair loss later, I apply for a position at a nursing home.

This is my current job. Now I am being bullied by approximately 15 nurses as opposed to the prev 3.

I am being sabotaged, for example: I am left on the unit alone to care for 35..yes 35 patients , I am shown how to do something the wrong way or not helped at all, there is NO supervision on the floor and I’m being written up for not finishing on time.

I am expected to check blood glucose, give insulin with no supervision, check B/P, chart, change, flush, and start 2 g tubes, check for labs, call doc when pt has a change in condition, give scheduled lovenox and heparin shots to 6 of my pts, do documentation for medicare, etc in 8 hours.

This does not include getting a new admit, an emergency or anything that would take away from my already full plate.

I have never worked in a nursing home and my employer knew that.

“I feel like I’m 5 years old again, at a new school but I’m in my 30’s.”

I get no breaks, I am heckled in front of all of the next shift if I made any kind of mistake, and I have been told by on older nurse that they’re doing this to me because I’m young, nice and pretty.

I cry every day before I go in, I am getting counseling, I am having panic attacks.

I was in sales before for 10 years, and I thought that was cut throat!

Now, if I’m out and about in my scrubs and people comment on how great it must be to be a nurse, I tell them no!

I tell them to never consider nursing, if VB you want to be in the medical field be a doctor. This experience is literally destroying me on a mental level.

I feel like I’m 5 years old again, at a new school but I’m in my 30’s.If this career doesn’t improve I’m going to tell the world how horrible this horizontal violence really is. I should have stayed in sales!


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