Abnormal Nursing Careers

Nursing on the floor can be a tough row to hoe, and you may find yourself wondering what other avenues you can explore with your hard won degree. It may be difficult to consider that you don’t want to work at the bedside anymore, but it is a position more and more nurses find themselves in.

Do not think of it as a failure as nursing at the bedside isn’t for everyone. However, there are some other careers you can pursue that have minimal to no patient interaction and still allow you to use your degree.

Here are just three of the possibilities that you can explore if you are looking for something outside of the bedside.

Legal nursing

Legal nursing is probably the best kept secret in nursing. A simple Google search will turn up many hits for this burgeoning career.

If you’ve been a nurse for at least five years, don’t mind swimming in a sea of paperwork, and are willing to take a short class in legal nursing, you could pursue this line of work. Essentially, you read through nurses notes on cases and determine if there was wrong doing.

It requires attention to detail and a great deal of patience, but it pays well if you can get on board with a malpractice attorney. You can also do this job from home, making it ideal for stay at home parents.

Insurance nursing

Insurance companies are using nurses in many capacities now. They act as health ambassadors and help to keep patients healthy by making routine calls to those at high risk for complications.

In addition, insurance companies have nurse help hotlines where patients can call nurses to ask simple questions about health concerns. Both of these job are ripe for a nurse who wants to work with patients without the stress of the bedside.

As in legal nursing, some insurance based nurses also help determine eligibility for benefits. Getting into this job may be tricky, but getting your name in front of insurance hiring managers early and often may help you when an opening occurs.

Nursing informatics

Nursing informatics isn’t an abnormal job per se, but it is one that doesn’t require bedside work. Many colleges now have programs for informatics, and it is definitely becoming an emerging field in the profession.

If you like computers and want to help nurses use them more effectively, then this is definitely the job for you. You will need some sort of training to pursue this, but it is a field that will need help in the future.

Finding a job in this specialty may be difficult at first, but you should keep trying to break in if that is your goal. It is still a new field, and as if gains momentum, more nurses will be needed to fill its ranks.


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