All together now

I am a Neonatal Nurse at Virtua Voorhees Hospital and have been a Nurse for 14 years.

This is truly the best Job on earth!

Seeing all the children playing, laughing and living normal lifes because we helped them in some way.

This job is so rewarding and it makes me feel wonderful, I treat each Patient like their my very own baby no matter what!

We just had a nicu reunion this past month, with thousands of people.

I remember taking care of a 25 week infant, no brownfat , blond hair, white translucent skin. He could fit in the palm of my hand weighing in at 958 grams.

One night while working my 12 hour shift, his stability started to worsen.

We were coding the infant for 45 minutes and  his mother sat at the end of the Iscolette crying.

She wanted her baby to be baptized in case he didnt’t pull through this code. We were doing everything we could for him.

“The whole team makes the difference.”

I listened to the mother, got the holy water and blessed the baby, at that moment his vital signs instantly got better.

It was a true miracle and now he is the cutest five year old around!

A couple of years ago my family was at dinner and I saw that boys mother. She came up to me and wrapped her arms around me and said thanks for saving her son’s life.

I felt great that I made a difference in their life and the baby’s life, I never think of it like that because we’re a nicu team.

The whole team makes the difference.

I work with amazing people with beautiful smiles every day.

We are a team. The neonatologist, secretary , NNP,  the nurses, and the respiratory therapists.

We all have the greatest Goal and thats to help these Premature or sick babies survive and go home with out residual, So they can live happy normal healthy lives!

I love each and every infant I care for! Thank you for letting me share my story! Erin Orlando

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