Are nurses dateable? 4 Reasons YES and NO

Reasons to Date a Nurse

1. Free Medical Advice: Nurses have a well-rounded knowledge of medical issues. Need to know whether you need to “wait and see” versus call the doctor in a panic? Not anymore, you won’t. Your nurse date will tell you.
2. Compassion: Most nurses get into the profession because they are emotionally connected with people. They like to feel like caregivers. Without this quality, they won’t be able to endure the many stresses that come with the job. That can only be a good thing!
3. Taking Charge: Nursing is not for the squeamish or indecisive. Nurses have to be authoritative and take charge of stressful situations. Like a strong personality in a date? Like independence and a ready-for-action attitude? Date a nurse.
4. The Logistics: Nursing is one of the most flexible professions out there. Need a day off? Switch with a co-worker. Tired of working days? Switch to evenings. The pay’s far from paltry, too!

Reasons Not to Date a Nurse

1. Endless Scrubs: Let’s face it, everybody. Scrubs are overpriced, yet we just want more, more, more! Luckily, we make a decent living, so it’s not a burden to a nurse significant other.
2. Weekends and Holidays: Say what you will about 9 to 5’s, but at least you have all your weekends and holidays. Not so for nurses. You’ll need to choose between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. And get used to “every other weekend.” Argh!
3. Lie Detecting: The high amount of personal interaction and exposure to all kinds of colorful characters means nurses are walking lie detectors. Which begs the question, why would you want to lie to your nurse date, anyways? Bad date alert.
4. Dinnertime Conversations: “How was your day at work today, honey?” “Well, one of my patients peed and pooped all over the sheets. Also, I saw someone’s [insert internal body organ] for the first time! I won’t forget that. Eat your chili, would ya?”

Kevin Pan is a psychiatric RN and creator of the website Exam Review Expert, a comparison and review site for NCLEX Courses.


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