ARNP Dermatology

Stories - Needle SyringeI am a Dermatology NP and I had a patient coming in for surgery (Excision for skin cancer) with a migraine for several days.

She said that she took Imitrex 4 hours prior to coming in, said her migraine was still there after she took the medicine.

One of the medical assistants told the patient that we numb with lidocaine and epi and that can make a headache worse if those medications are giving with a headache.

After she told her that, she changed her story and said her migraine was completely gone. Her other “problem” was that she had 4 syncope episodes from unknown causes 2 weeks ago.

She never had this evaluated. One of the medical assistants came and got me and told me her story and I refused to do the surgery due to her medical issues that were going on at the time.

She said that she didn’t even say she had a headache at all and she never passed out before.

She said she just wanted to have the surgery done because she was under a lot of stress and having marital problems and wanted to have it done that day.

I told her that my medical assistant wouldn’t lie about this.

Well she was not happy at all and I mentioned to her these things again and she still was fighting me tooth and nail!

“It could be a life or death situation.”

While she was arguing with me she called her mom that was in the waiting room and Mom comes back to the holding room and started cussing me out and acting all crazy.

I explained very calmly the reasons why she couldn’t have the surgery.

Mom said that she didn’t have a headache and she never passed out out. That we were all crazy and she was going to take her daughter somewhere else.(patient is 37 years old).

I told her that no one would do surgery using the medications that we use and her history of syncope for no reason.

We ended up calling security to detain the mom and my patient stood up and fell over and passed out.

Needless to say this was the proof to the mom and the patient that she did not need to have the surgery.

The patient then had a seizure and did not regain consciousness. Of course we called 911 to take her to the ER.

Her mom of course agreed and apologized for acting the way they did. Come to find out she ended up getting a MRI and CT scan and it revealed a brain aneurysm, that was about to burst.

It’s a good thing that she came into the office and we were able to help her when she had the seizure and passed out , cause if not she might have been at home and not gotten the help in time.

~So for any patients that might read this, please be aware of your body and if something is a little off, it could be a sign of something serious.

Oh and don’t lie to you Doctor, NP,PA or Medical Assistant. It could be a life or death situation.

We are all here to help you not hurt you! That is what we are here for and went through many years of schooling to know these things.


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