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Alright Sarge, my rebuttle.

Firstly, the zero to ten scale is a means to and end, not an end in and of itself.

As you know, Bentham argued the people pursue pleasure and avoid pain. Well, unless you’re a masochist, but I digress. And, of course, Bentham discusses utility, which is, essentially, a means of measuring pleasure and pain.

Albeit, the modern zero to ten scale wasn’t created by the genius of Bentham, it nevertheless seems to solve the same fundamental problem: a means of measuring pain.

Now, regardless of how you view the scale, it’s goal is to gauge a patient’s pain. It is, simply, the only tool we have in which to measure it. Yes, it’s true that pain is subjective, as we all have different tolerances, but it solves a fundamental problem: the pain, regardless of what it actually is in relative terms to us, is relative to them. In other words, we have an idea inside their mind’s eye as to the pain in which they’re suffering at the very moment we ask them.

Now, you argue, or at least infer, that patient’s lie. Well, yes they do. And, just like everyone else, patients have the right to be stupid. If they, with their inability to reason, want to nullify the scale with idiocy, this is their choice, and their choice alone.

I rest my case. I’m sure you will rebuttle my rebuttle.

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