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How sad it is that some of the posts above don’t even appear to flinch at this story. Yes, nursing school is hard, but this school sounds like either a scam, non accredited school or hell. You are paying for an education. You are paying to be taught the fundamental basics of nursing practice because no school could possibly prepare you for the real work place as there are so many different jobs in nursing no school could. BUT, this “school” sounds as tho it is a scam or a place where any nurse to be would want to study because no one deserves this type of treatment. I would do as Jason advises and check the accreditation first and if it is then your grades will get you into a school program that does do all of the things this one doesn’t. There are many nursing programs out there these days and I would not settle for this treatment from any school. No, this is not normal. No, this is not right! Don’t give them another penny and report them to your lending institutions, the dean, the press, or anyone who could make them close the doors on this piece of crap place who would even think for a minute they could treat paying consumers this way! You are a customer first and without your and others tuition this place would not exist. I’m praying for you and your classmates. Please don’t take this abuse. Don’t waste your money, and don’t settle. Yes your future nursing license is worth all the hard work you will be expected to do to gain your dream, and don’t give up on getting your license, just don’t get it at this worthless excuse for a school.

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