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Sadly I think nursing school is where we learn how to eat our young. Out of the original group of people in my nursing school class, only 50% graduated on time, and I was the only guy that made it. They would flunk you out for the smallest mistakes, make you take three months off, and then reapply for the school. There is no reason they can’t spend a few minutes extra with you to teach you their way to do the required task. My brother is an MD, and out of the 200 or so people in his starting class, over 98% of the people graduated on time. It’s not that they are that much smarter than we are (although my brother is smarter than I am) and definitely it wasn’t because med school is so much easier than nursing school … his life was BAD during school. It is just that the mind set of the instructors in medical school is that it is a ton of material and you have to work very hard, but they will help you in whatever way you need to succeed. Nursing school on the other hand seems to be all about weeding people out. It is so competitive to get in a nursing program now, that there should be very little reason to weed people out. Sure, I expect that their expectations of the students are high, but a 50% graduation rate is just silly and wrong. It doesn’t make for better nurses, it makes for scared and stressed nurses who learn that any little mistake is so terrible that you shouldn’t be allowed to continue as a nurse. Teachers should be like the good mentors at work, and not like the nurse Ratchets out there.

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